I am wondering is it a good time to buy this car. COE is @ 14000 car retail price 60988 and OMV @ 16K.
Do you think price will drop further?
Any comments?

28 Nov 2007
Jeffrey74 Frankly if your Budget is around 55-60+k get the Mazda 3 sp, the Lancer EX 1.5 is under powered and pretty noisy, looks wise though nice I personally feel not as "fierce" as the Mazda 3 ,

That ...
31 Dec 2007
ifconfig there's never a good time to get car... just ask yourself how much you wanna lose on a car... of course, get the car you like... that's most important thing.
31 Dec 2007
r0_ger Quote:
"Formerly posted by Stefano:
unless u r in a hurry for a car, else I think the price for 6 bids non-guaranteed is quite ok unlike the price tag when it 1st launched. Just wait loh....6 bids....
31 Dec 2007
joshwong Sounds like a pretty good time to get the Lancer EX.

I got mine over a month back, 1.5 Sports at ~$62k. So far it's been a great ride. I would like to address 2 overhyped negative issues about...
4 Jan 2008
accyt1978 good time to buy EX.. bad time to own a car...
4 Jan 2008
mojo I think when it comes to "slow pick-up" and the Lancer being "noisy" its subjective, it would depend on what you are or were used to, e.i. what you were driving before; what would you take as a ben...
4 Jan 2008
accyt1978 i think noisy engine is common.. unless the car is sound clad or sound proof..

if the drive is noisy then.. it's very difficult to judge since not all test drive cars are using the same tires...
4 Jan 2008
mojo Quote:
"Formerly posted by accyt1978:
i think noisy engine is common.. unless the car is sound clad or sound proof..

if the drive is noisy then.. it's very difficult to judge since not all test...
5 Jan 2008
Stefano anyone here joined the mits challenge reality show that is currently hold the auditions...??? got chance to drive EVO X in sepang leh....furthermore, lucky team will win the Lancer EX 1.5. Tot they...
8 Jan 2008
Vlanze Was @ Suntec on Sat to register w a friend but backed out after hearing the competition details and seeing the LONG queue. Anyway, here's some info on the whole thing:

Type: Reality-TV styled co...
8 Jan 2008
went for a test drive today. Both very comfortable. Any advice from any Seniors?
Latio vs Avante
Price 58.5K vs 56.5K
Japan vs Korea

8 Nov 2007
sumo It's ultimately your choice, but for this amount of money invested, do think twice before going for Korean. Most Korean cars give problems after a certain mileage. Ask the cab drivers who drive the...
10 Nov 2007
chongsf I was at one time attracted to Avante. But when I find that most of my friends are driving japanese cars. And also I afraid that the FC for avante might not be that good, I decided to go for Japane...
11 Nov 2007
nrafee Thanks bro chongsf, sumo, mojo and kkchai for the valuable reply.

need to think farther.

so other then the physical attraction,let me find out how bad the resell value is and how expensive i...
11 Nov 2007
chongsf You might want to consider Suzuki SX4 Sedan, made in japan, VVT engine. Pricing wise similar to avante and lower than latio.
11 Nov 2007
NothingToDo nrafee, r u looking at better value or performance? From yr mentioned of price, worry of resale value, maintenance.... it would seem u are more concern on value. Also, maybe u want to chk out yr kn...
13 Nov 2007
chongsf If I am not wrong, Latio interest rate is 2.5% while Avante is 2.8% (or 2.88%) if you take 7 or 10 years loan.
13 Nov 2007
nrafee hyundai is 2.5%

resell value is indeed a worry.. unless i dun sell the car right?
13 Nov 2007
sumo If you don't intend to sell your car before COE expire, then please go for a Japanese car. Maintenance cost for Korean cars go up drastically as the car ages, where as Japanese cars are much more m...
15 Nov 2007
atht71 Latio all the way for me !!!!!!!!
I dunno about Avante. I have been driving my Latio for a year already and I am very happy that i choose Latio. FC wise varies I could get a low 12km/ltr with a he...
15 Nov 2007
hi! can someone give me advice btw d two cars,or any better option.budget ard 75k. tks.

9 Nov 2007
kkchai Again I will ask same question;

What are the criteria you looking? Since you have budget, next work out what model fall into this range and choose which is your favor. Then you can narrow to the...
9 Nov 2007
nrafee wah 75.. got alot to choose.

Nissan Selphy
Toyota Axio
Toyota Rush
Mitsubishi ex

If I willing to go 75K, i will take the mit lancer Ex 2.0
10 Nov 2007
mojo Between these two, I'd go for the Civic for sure, better handling, mean looking, resales better.

I think the Rush is a cute little thing though, I guess its what you want, the Garang Factor or ...
10 Nov 2007
neutral I am with Mojo, I will go for Civic. More stability, more powerful and better handling.

No rush, if you are not sure. But you have to ask yourself first, what are you looking for in a car? Power...
10 Nov 2007
Roj Rush not bad I tot of tat too very high can see far far haha, but it only comes in auto..
10 Nov 2007
hondata Civic is a better deal, Rush is too high in FC and for drive in city is not quite suitable, city drive will be bad for the FC and as for CIvic will be better in handling, style, and so on is better...
10 Nov 2007
sumo It's almost a no brainer.....CIVIC is the better car. But then again, are you a toyota or honda lover?
10 Nov 2007

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