SG: PIE widening works complete

A 5.8km stretch of PIE, spawning from between Clementi Avenue 6 and Adam Road, have been widened! Works began in July 2011, and the first bits were opened to traff...

10 Aug 2014
hanafiah ...but everyday at least one lane will be closed due to road works...
24 Aug 2014
23 year old COE to be revamped!

News just in. The 23 year old COE system will be undergoing a major revamp according to Transport Minister, Lui Tuck Yew, at a press conference this morning. 

9 Sep 2013
Evan More info here:

Most premium models to be taken out of Cat A

1. As announced today by the Minister for T...
9 Sep 2013
Evan Fundamental principles of the COE framework are sound

4. The fundamental principles of the COE framework remain sound. The public consultation exercise showed that Singaporeans too, understand t...
9 Sep 2013
hanafiah Proton Exora in Cat B...? Do the idiots realize that lots of extended families not earning ministers' salaries need an MPV to ferry their extended families around. There should an additional catego...
9 Sep 2013
Anonymous Where are those that supported the 130hbp tweaked??

If 90% of the commentators and analyst said that the new implementation will not work, Why the ministry still annouced the news and said it wi...
13 Sep 2013
Video of SMRT bus accident at Dairy Farm Road

A video of the SMRT bus accident at Dairy Farm Road has been uploaded. The image captured is not only a glimpse into the accident but also shows how ...

25 Jul 2013
hanafiah Not surprised upon hearing the news. As a driver on the road and as a bus passenger, I consider SMRT drivers very reckless.
26 Jul 2013
2014 Toyota Corolla Unveiled

Toyota has recently revealed the eleventh generation of the world's best-selling car, the Toyota Corolla.  It now features a new design which to some extent is inspir...

10 Jun 2013
Evan The 2014 Corolla sure breaks the mould with this iteration!
10 Jun 2013
hanafiah Don't think SG buyers or SE Asia will get this. We'll probably get something from Thailand or Indonesia that will never pass the EURO NCAP tests.
11 Jun 2013
SG: “Cars not a necessity” says local oil trader

52 year old oil trader Mr David Goh is supportive of measures that force those who own multiple cars to pay more to give some sense of fairness fo...

11 Jun 2013
hanafiah Speak for yourself. Cars are a necessity for families with 2 or more children. Imagine travelling to Dairy Farm from Tampines via public transport? If you have 3 or more kids you'll need 2 cabs. We...
11 Jun 2013
Evan Recently 3 cab companies couldn't comply with LTA's regulation of putting up enough cabs to go around in Singapore too. Doesn't help the situation.
12 Jun 2013
Anonymous We Singaporeans are just PLAIN suckers...we pay everything at exorbitant prices just to get it...this reality doesn't change...face it people, cars will remain expensive, the less rich will not get...
13 Jun 2013
haffisx think this david goh gone senile liao..
i tried not having a car for a month and i suffered
yes they may say "got mrt, bus & taxi easy mah"...
try taking a bus with stroller/pram......
15 Jun 2013
Toyota Fortuner 2.7 (A)

The Fortuner gets a new lease of life once again thanks to some subtle styling updates and so on. Can the new look improve the Fortuner’s er… fortunes?

23 Sep 2011
Wombat_VC I can't see the point of having such a utilitarian SUV in a 2WD form. I may as well get the Captiva or Santa Fe or something.
23 Sep 2011
edlaz Like the Tiguan's ST ad copy: "Not that you would but you could." Tis true, no one would take it off road.
25 Sep 2011
thunderchief Looks like a Vanguard front grill. Hands me down looks and parts perhaps...
25 Sep 2011
Wombat_VC " Like the Tiguan's ST ad copy: 'Not that you would but you could.' Tis true, no one would take it off road."

Haha, unfortunately, with only 2WD, it could not.
26 Sep 2011
hanafiah Extremely ancient. Toyota seems to play us Singaporeans for a fool by their list of crappy offerings. 4 speed auto? Come on.....
3 Oct 2011
i think there are a little bit of both but no worries man i think you are cool
5 Oct 2011
What's Holding Electric Vehicle Adoption

Ishan Palit, President & CEO, TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific,addresses the greatest challenges to the widespread adoption of electric-powered vehicles (e-vehicles)....

14 Jul 2011
hanafiah The Government, LTA......just look at the diesel situation. Lesser CO2 for Euro 4,5,6.... but does not apply to SG as the vehicles are not fitted with particulate filter. The Euro 4 thing here is j...
19 Jul 2011
wilswong I did say before, the Jurong Island is too big an investment to let go by going for EVs. Still, if the government claims to be far sighted, then I personally did not see it myself with regards to ...
26 Jul 2011

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