New Skoda Octavia launched in Singapore

Harvest Automobiles, the authorized dealer for Skoda cars debuts the new Skoda Octavia.

The new Octavia's launch took place last night at Skoda's showroom...

28 Aug 2009
neutral The exterior looks same like the older model...sure is new?

Also, it sure sounds like VW in Skoda skin... It's almost same price as VW, I think I will buy the VW better.

28 Aug 2009
LMLP640 Looks plainly dull and overpriced,other cars in the same price range would be a better option
28 Aug 2009
ken_skoda do check out the features they offer. some of them are not found in VW. the car has received a mild facelift and because its a different dealer from the past, they are offering something much bette...
28 Aug 2009
viosmf target market? overpriced! look like not for the 1st time conti car buyer...
29 Aug 2009

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