Mind over heart

Story by Steven Lim, pictures courtesy of Oneshift.com archive
31 Mar 2009

There's more than meets the eye before signing on that dotted line. Do you know what they are?

Buyers tend to lose focus on their basic needs and wants in buying a car, and the fundamentals of decision making.

Singapore has one of the world's highest car prices as well as a complex vehicle tax structure. To make things worst, dealers and bankers are offering different sales and finance package which somehow affects the selling price of a car. Consumers here are spoilt for choices, and considering the substantially high running costs and attractive sales packages, decision making has become increasingly difficult.

In fact, some consumers might feel the need to obtain a "PhD in Car Buying" just to understand the complexity of the tax structures and sales packages to make a wise decision.

Gone were the days where we only need to know the car price, loan amount, interest rates, monthly installments and insurance premiums before driving off.

Aiming to help buyers in decision making and getting a "good deal", we will be doing a series of articles with insight of car pricing components and methods, taxes, COE mechanics, finance packages, maintenance, resale value, the way dealers work, negotiations and much more.

This should gear up would be buyers - especially the first timers - with basic and necessary knowledge from experienced professionals, instead of untrue or unsure hearsay in the marketplace. Buyers should feel at ease and confident entering the market, buying that dream car with these basic know how. Instead of getting ripped-off by unscrupulous dealers or salesman...


Buyers are always looking for a good deal. Nothing wrong with that, but when too much attention is being put on pricing, goodies or freebies, finance packages and fuel consumption, buyers will find it difficult to make a decision because everybody seems to offer something good or attractive.

However, it is still not the ideal as things get a little complicated and confusing at this stage. Buyers tend to lose focus on their basic needs and wants in buying a car, and the fundamentals of decision making.

Is buying a car here really that complicated? The answer is "no", if one knows the fundamentals to decisions making and the three much needed words - "Back to Basics".


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