Honda Stream 1.8 RSZ JDM (A) 

This car is no longer available in the market.
Latest OMV: $25,024
Engine Cap: 1799 cc
Power: 140Bhp @ 6300rpm
Torque: 174Nm @ 4300rpm
Type: MPV
Euro NCAP: N.A
User Ratings: 4.00 from 1 review

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User Reviews (1)

Sri Lanka
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More car than a MPV,
which is good news

Reviewed on 24 Sep 2010 2:09PM
Reviewed by: rayaz
Car reviews written ( 1 )
Similar cars tried: Toyota Wish, Mazda 5 (Premacy, Toyota Avanza
Fuel consumption: 9 km/litre
Drive pattern: Pure urban (heavy stop start, severe traffic) - 6.5-7kmpl
Light Urban (severe traffic, some stop start) - 7-8kmpl
Semi highway (low traffic, some stop start) - 9-11kmpl
Highway (low traffic) - Not tested
Duration of car driven: More than 3 years

The Review

PERFORMANCE The 1.8liter engine definitely feels the extra 100-200kg it carries over the FD1 civic, especially in the City where it struggles at the low end. Hondaís lack of a dual VTEC as feature in Toyota engines and the DOHC Honda engines definitely impacting low speed drive-ability. However once you step on the pedal and get the engines over 3000rpm, the vehicle is what you expect from Honda, and even with a full load of people the vehicle does not feel that itís short on power. HANDLING The Stream definitely handles corners well, and there is minimal body role for a car of this size and height. The vehicleís feels planted to the ground and hides the MPV feel from the driver. However at low speeds the vehicle feels bulky, partly due to the engine, though the poor turn circle impacting city maneuverability. TRANSMISSON The 5-speed auto lacks the higher model CVTís flexibility and feels a bit low, with lag noticeable. The long gearing is easily noticed, and shifts very quickly to the 3rd and higher gears which impacts its smooth drive in the city. The gearbox also has a notchy feel when shifting. However the paddle-shifters help specially in the long drives, to ensure the engine is kept smooth, and also when you need to shift down to overtake. INTERIOR The RSZ has a bit more of leather thrown in to the steering wheel and the gear lever which ads a bit of a special feel. The front and first row seats are very comfortable for adults, and offer decent lumber support. The plastics are decent quality, though the all gray interior can be a bit boring compared to some other interiors.


Exterior looks aggressive and has a lot more Mitsubishi EVO styling in the lights than Honda, rear is very much like the RD5 CRV
Engine feels lively once you put your foot down, and feels pure Honda
Handling is decent for weight and size of car
Paddle-shift useful, though auto lag evident
Front and first row back seats are comfortable, first row seats in particular are super (for two adults, or one baby car seat + one adult)
Second row back seats are useful and can handle average height adult with good comfort
Build quality is good


Engine feels underpowered at low RPM, making smooth city driving difficult
Single VTEC impacting low end pull, and definitely impacting its city fuel economy
Pure city mode fuel economy below average
Vehicle weight can be felt at low speeds
First row rear seats width is poor, hard to seat 2 adults with a baby car seat attached, more a 4+2 than a true 5+2
Turning circle is poor, limiting its maneuverability in traffic
Front seat hand rest design poor, as its not long enough to allow comfortable rested reach to the gear lever
Boot space with second row rear seats up is poor
Entry to the second row rear seats is hard, only for the athletic and young
Noise insulation good but can be better for this class
LED display for fuel, etc not large like other Honda models in the same age period, limiting visibility and also impacting modern feel of console
Short on accessory storage options
Unusual and hard to find stock tire size (205/55/R17), thoroughly unwanted overhead for this car