Audi A6 2.0 TFSI mu (A) 

This car is no longer available in the market.
Latest OMV: $45,574
Engine Cap: 1984 cc Turbocharged
Power: 170Bhp @ 4300rpm
Torque: 280Nm @ 1800rpm
Type: Sedan
Euro NCAP: N.A
User Ratings: 4.00 from 1 review

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executive car.

Reviewed on 26 Jun 2011 3:38PM
Reviewed by: XF
Car reviews written ( 5 )
Similar cars tried: Lexus GS300
Duration of car driven: More than 3 years

The Review

*Note: The car is actually a 2.4 FSI V6. Oneshift didnt have the correct picture of the car. Here is an follow-up review to the Audi A6. The car is still working perfectly without a hitch after 4 years of ownership. Its looks are still looking fresh and timeless despite its age. Starting off with the interior: The plastics feel of high quality and the MMI (multimedia interface) display screen spices up the interior by a notch. The seats, which come standard in part-leather (full leather comes at a premium), bolster your body very well. However, the rear centre seat protrudes the passenger's back at a weird angle, just like those in the previous Mercedes E-Class. The contrasting black-with-aluminum affair is a pleasant sight to behold and exudes a proper sense of class. Talking about space, the cabin is wide and long. The generous wheelbase provides great stretching room, and the boot is really deep and wide. One of Audi's main strengths is attention to detail, and the A6 shows in areas like the rear air-con vents, which are nicely done up with chrome; unlike the E-Class and the Fiver. Coming to the drive now. The 2.4 FSI engine might be a V6, but it emits a throaty and gruff noise at low revs, which passes off like a diesel, like those in the Mercedes CDI cabs. So much for luxury, then. However, the engine has lots of go and shove across all revs, and this sometimes startles my dainty mother who prefers to drive slowly. The brakes, which are typically grabby by VW/Audi standards, would take some getting used to. Drivers new to VW/Audi (like my parents!) would jerk the brakes on their first few drives, as the brakes tend to be over-servoed at first. Get used to it, and pretty soon you'd be able to master smooth stops. This is perhaps with the safe intention of VW/Audi that the sensitive brakes would help the driver avoid rear-ending the car in front in let's say, an emergency brake manoeuvre on the highway. Wind noise is well suppressed at highway speeds, though above 140 km/h the tyre roar gets audible and intrudes into the cabin rather noticably. Having spent several long-distance trips in a Lexus GS300, I must say that the Japanese car does this job much better. The ride comes across as firm, too. While it is comfortable on the smooth roads of Singapore, the car might jolt occupants a little bit over harsh surfaces. The steering is also very light at low speeds, but weighs up considerably when the car picks up steam. It also proved to be reliable over 4 years of service. Whereas the BMW majors in driving enjoyment, and the E-Class pampers everyone in comfort, the Audi seems to take no field of perfection, but instead strikes back with pretty much everything to boot. It can do sporty well (it comes with Sport mode and shift paddles), handle tightly, yet offer a reasonably comfortable ride and surround its occupants in a wonderful interior. It is a shame that its popularity has not grown in more motorists, for this Teutonic executive sedan really has some substance to back up its style.


Opulent cabin with excellent build quality
Capacious interior and vast boot space
High safety rating
Intuitive MMI interface
Well equipped
All-rounded characteristics
Special road presence


Not as prestigious as a Mercedes E-Class
Not as engaging to drive as a BMW 5-Series
Not as refined as a Lexus GS
Firm ride
Could do with better sound insulation
Gruff engine note