Honda Jazz 1.4 

This car is no longer available in the market.
Latest OMV: $13,417
Engine Cap: 1339 cc
Power: 82Bhp @ 5700rpm
Torque: 119Nm @ 2800rpm
Type: 5 Door Hatch
Euro NCAP:
User Ratings: 5.00 from 1 review

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Kah Motor
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Versatile and

Reviewed on 23 Mar 2005 11:04AM
Reviewed by: DNA
Car reviews written ( 2 )
Similar cars tried: getz, swift
Fuel consumption: 15 km/litre
Drive pattern: Mostly city. 30% on express ways.
Duration of car driven: 6 months

The Review

There's nothing really wrong with the Jazz. Everything about it clicks in nicely. The interior space is certainly deceptive; I was able to squeeze a bicycle in without having to dismentle anything. Golf Bags included. Excellent leg room. It's very easy to drive and grips on corners like glue. Body roll is insignificant. And perhaps the biggest thing is it's fuel economy. One a good week, I managed 16km/litre There are little flaws for the Jazz besides the engine noise from the CVT configuration at high speeds. Can't expect much from the acceleration either. But other than those, the Jazz tops other cars in its class.


Good interior, configurable space
Responsive handling
Comfortable, Easy to drive
Excellent mileage


Nothing really.
Perhaps a slightly shoddy stock seat covers
A little noisy at high speeds