Mercedes-Benz S 300 L (A) 

This car is no longer available in the market.
Latest OMV: $83,343
Engine Cap: 2997 cc
Power: 231Bhp @ 6000rpm
Torque: 300Nm @ 5000rpm
Type: Sedan
Euro NCAP: N.A
User Ratings: 5.00 from 1 review

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Reviewed on 14 Dec 2010 11:57PM
Reviewed by: Silk
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The Review

The land yacht is a deserving name for the S class. It cruises so effortlessly on even the bumpiest roads. The level of comfort felt in the cabin is also quite something. It is one thing to ride in a BMW 7 series but it is quite another to sit and indulge in old world luxury while still having state of the art gadgets to play with. Truly an automobile built for luxury and prestige.