Volkswagen Scirocco 1.4 TSI (DSG) 

Volkswagen Scirocco 1.4 TSI (DSG)
This car is no longer available in the market.
Latest OMV: $26,412
Engine Cap: 1390 cc Twincharged
Power: 160Bhp @ 5800rpm
Torque: 240Nm @ 1500rpm
Type: Coupe
Euro NCAP: N.A
User Ratings: 5.00 from 1 review

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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde! Is this the car that can do everything?

Reviewed on 11 Apr 2012 1:56PM
Reviewed by: utkarshm
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Fuel consumption: 10km/litre
Duration of car driven: 1 year

The Review

Let me let you in on the dirty secret. My 1.4 Scirocco is 2 cars in 1. Put the DCC button in comfort and the DSG in Drive to access Car no 1. It is a luxury car with soft leather seats and a cosseting ride quality to pamper its four passengers while wowing them with features filled to the brim such dual zone climate control,touch screen audio and voice control. Maneuvering this car and finding your way in the urban jungle of Sg is a breeze thanks to light steering, compact dimensions and excellent GPS but space is not compromised due to ample space for all and a 300 litre boot for those weekend getaways which are light on the pocket due to 13kpl + economy on the highways (10 kpl in the city) Suddenly you see that open twisting road and realize you have no passengers. Time for Car no 2 then. Put the DCC button in sport and DSG in Sport. Double Whammy! You immediately feel the engine rev in approval, feeling like a different, much faster car while the chassis perceptibly stiffens around you and the steering weighs up to give you immense feedback. Suddenly you can do 100 in less than 8 seconds and go corner hunting with an aplomb previously reserved for Porsche Boxters and hot Beemers. The exhaust note eggs you on and the car follows your slightest bidding thanks to forgiving handling and lightning quick paddle shifts. When you finally arrive at your destination double quick, you exit with as much style as you arrived, thanks to styling that takes thoroughbreds from Maranello and Stuggart to outshine it. On a more negative note, reliability which was formerly excellent took a hit when my battery failed.


-Looks (duh!) -Power. In the city the gap to the 2L model is imperceptible but if u r doing 150+ highway runs, you need the 2L. The 1.4 can get to 185-190 fast enough but thereon it takes time. -Ride & Handling thanks to Adaptive Chassis Control (DCC). A $3K option worth its weight in Gold IMHO which enables the dual nature of the car. In sports mode, it almost feels like there is no limit to the car's handling (or maybe I'm just too unskilled to fully exploit it). In comfort, I can stick my neck out and say it rides much better than the Japanese 'family' sedans -Excellent build quality in and out (especially love the leather seats and solid dash. And the Scirocco's doors give the heaviest thud I have heard) -Exceptional value thanks to being fully loaded with features that even the much more expensive basic Beemers and Mercs of this world dont have (like the excellent 6.5 inch touch screen GPS, Keyless, auto-headlamps, tail-lamps and the works). -Space: for a 2 door coupe, it is remarkably spacious. the rear seats especially have shockingly good legroom. Apparently the designer designed it so that a 6'4 man can sit behind another in reasonable comfort (luckily us Asians are much smaller). And boot at 300ltr is big enough for all intents and purposes though do note, you will need to fold one of the split seats to fit a golf bag -Low road tax and reasonable fuel economy. How does $620 a year and 10+kpl strike you for all that performance? -That flat bottomed steering wheel (Find me another wheel in twice this cars price range which looks and feels half as good) -Bluetooth phone connection: Another option ($1K) I ticked which I feel is a must have.


Ummmm...had to think a little bit about this one. Has to be the compromise of living with a two-door coupe (no fault of the Scirocco) which are not always obvious to people who haven't had one before. -Getting out of the car in tight parking spaces is a pain due to the long heavy doors (and in Sg, all parking spaces are tight) -Sports rims on low profile tyres can get scratched on the kerbs easier than a corrupt minister's back (has happened twice to me despite being so utterly careful. Very painful) -Access to the rear seats is a bi**h (according to the occasional rear passenger though they are quite happy once they get in) The forums say that the DSG is slightly jerky at slow speeds but coming from a manual, I didn't really notice it. Also, VCS service would previously be a watch-out but I hear that they have opened a second service centre (Yay!) And yeah, the dash is boring for a sportscar but the retro ribbed seats and steering wheel make up. -and a big one. My battery failed after I came back from a two week vacation. The VW Roadside crew were excellent and timely but still a battery should not fail on an almost new car, even if i don't start it for two weeks.