CitroŽn C5 Exclusive 2.0 (A) 

This car is no longer available in the market.
Latest OMV: $37,035
Engine Cap: 1997 cc
Power: 143Bhp @ 6000rpm
Torque: 200Nm @ 4000rpm
Type: Sedan
Euro NCAP:
User Ratings: 4.00 from 1 review

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comfy, decent and
stylish, but not at
all sporty.

Reviewed on 15 Aug 2009 9:55PM
Reviewed by: XF
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The Review

To clear the air first, this review is coming from a 14 year-old who is not old enough to drive. The car passes a good impression of good design from the exterior. Swoopy headlamps and especially Audi-like rear lamps results in a striking design. In the interior is not as appealing, however. The plastics are tacky. The controls look complicated and the fixed steering boss on the steering wheel might confuse at first, but most might get used to that soon. Citroen says the reason for that is for the driver's airbag to remain at an optimum position at all times. Equipment wise, it is relatively good. Adaptive Cornering Lights come as standard in the 2 litre version. It is safe too, scoring a maximum five stars in the Euro NCAP safety program. The real deal is in the superbly comfortable ride, due to its Hydractive III+ air suspension. Yes, that comes standard too. It cancels out bumps perfectly and hardly any jolts can be felt in the cabin. However, this would result in an uninvolving drive. The engine goes about its revs with a sporty note, but this can be clearly heard in the cabin. Very annoying if you want some peace and quiet, yet very suitable for a racing mood. It isn't fast and its performance best described as leisurely Resale values might be on the down side and prices are high, nearing the $100k mark. However, reliability might be questionable. One of our fellow Oneshift member posted complaints of poor reliability of his Citroen C4 Grand Picasso. Whether this would affect the C5 remains for time to tell. The money is best spent on the 2.0 model. The 3.0 V6 model is slow (0-100 takes 10 seconds) and very expensive for a C5 ($135k). Overall, the new 2008 Citroen C5 is a very convincing large Fench saloon. Its looks striking and rides like a gem. This car is recommended for people who enjoy the serenity of a great cruiser and excellent suspension, people who prefer not to engage in sporty drives and would not rather rush their cars on the road. Daring to be different? Go Citroen.


Super comfy Hydractive III+ suspension
Stylish inside and out
Strong safety
Wide and spacious cabin


Plastics as not very desirable(especially centre console)
Not sporty to drive, or fast
Even 2.0 litre versions come with Adaptive Cornering Lights