Honda S2000 2.0 

This car is no longer available in the market.
Latest OMV: $44,690
Engine Cap: 1997 cc
Power: 237Bhp @ 8300rpm
Torque: 208Nm @ 7500rpm
Type: Cabriolet
Euro NCAP:
User Ratings: 5.00 from 2 reviews

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Kah Motor
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User Reviews (2)

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Only for those
serious about their

Reviewed on 18 Oct 2010 6:06PM
Reviewed by: c32b
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Similar cars tried: Efini RX7, 335i, Cayman S, 370Z, mx5, 200sx
Fuel consumption: 10 km/litre
Drive pattern: 1/3 highway, 1/3 urban, 1/3 track and fast b-road
Duration of car driven: 2 years

The Review

If you have been looking for a car that rewards you if you are a serious track driver, this is the car for you. Parts are cheap and reliable which makes for easy upkeep. Chassis & suspension is racebred and wonderfully communicative, gearbox is easily one of the best even comparing to continental supercars, the entire package rewards only the most committed drivers. This is the definitive answer of the Japanese to the Elise. With some light bolt on modifications, the car will easily lap within GT3 and Exige territory at 40% less money and still look every bit the gorgeous sports car. I fell in love with this car the harder I drove and almost 3 years on can say nothing but good things about this car. This is truly a car I can and will keep til the 10yr mark and hopefully beyond. I have learnt how this car can bite you if you handle it poorly but as you grow with the car and hone your driving skill, the car simply rewards you with more and more joy. This may not be the daily driver for everyone but one could always get a second car and keep this car for the special occasions. You don't really want to take this car to buy groceries(although it would do that pretty well) but to keep for those exciting b-road drive trips and to the racetrack where it truly belongs. After driving the S2000, I cannot see what other sports car I would want to own apart from the porsche GT3 / NSX category. It is simply the essence of sports car driving.


Extremely reliable parts, excellent for race track use, excellent gearbox, near perfect pedal placement for heel toe, communicative chassis, stiff chassis, replacement OEM parts are very reasonable, insurance is reasonable, boot space is good, reasonably priced, one of the most timeless designs, fuel consumption is fairly good


Steering a bit numb, sharp response uncomfortable for novice drivers, soft top a bit thin and cabin noise a bit high, airconditioner tends to be break down after 2 yr mark, they don't produce them anymore

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Responded on: 12 Nov 2010 11:16AM

No problem. Actually my car is 2.2 but they are essentially similar. I will be prepping my car for Sepang soon so will update when I get some decent times. asdzds

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Responded on: 9 Nov 2010 7:38PM

Detailed and useful review... Thanks! asdzds

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Smoooooth power

Reviewed on 10 Sep 2010 2:33PM
Reviewed by: Errand
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Fuel consumption: 9 km/litre
Duration of car driven: Test Drove Once Only

The Review

Sat in a friend's S2000 the other day. Goodness, the sheer power and sound of the vtec engine is amazing! It can be a quiet little mouse cruising the streets (and look good doing it) and can turn into a growling monster the next minute with just a touch of the throttle. Very smooth, very aggressive feel. The part I dont like is the dashboard. It is too tacky for my taste but the interior is generally pretty standard stuff. But for a sports model, it is beautiful and well proportioned. The long hood and short deck makes it look like the Z4. I like the S2k more than the Z4 but they are both neat looking cars. It was quite an experience to drive about with the top down and at blistering pace.