Chevrolet Optra Estate 1.6 

Chevrolet Optra Estate 1.6
This car is no longer available in the market.
Latest OMV: $12,376
Engine Cap: 1598 cc
Power: 107Bhp @ 5800rpm
Torque: 150Nm @ 4000rpm
Type: 5 Door Hatch
Euro NCAP: N.A
User Ratings: 3.00 from 1 review

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Little dollar for a lot of metal

Reviewed on 20 Dec 2006 2:00AM
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Fuel consumption: 11.6km/litre
Drive pattern: 60% Highway, 40% urban
Duration of car driven: 2 years

The Review

Being the Initial Batch of Korean Station Wagon available from GM under the rebadge Daewoo, a bang for the bucks is what the car is all about. Some personal history of the car. It underwent couple of warranty claim since purchased, steering Rack assembly change, Fuel guage change, OEM alarm going off randomly, recall to fit additional radiator fan. Attempted claim which are not successful are inner door handle paint peel due to thin paint work, rear door lifting damper not properly damping the opening, so have to live with that since the agent felt the case is not sufficent to warrant a replacement. Guess most of the issues should have been resolve by now. Over all, cruising in the car is a pretty rewarding experience, as the ride quality feel expensive and kind on the back. while moving in a stop and go situation or a jam, aside from the fact that its manual, the long gear throw couple with the car's weight, to pull forth and halt can be tiring. All round disc Brakes more than capable for daily go, but high speed braking, the forward weight throw can mean a scary experience especially without a descent set of tyres. Cabin noise is supress descently for a car with very bare insulation. Car can also remain very compose along winding stretch, and the mid to high range works well oppose to a very humble move off. The car follows the old renault in term of drivings controls, and the handbrake is awkardly located on the pessenger side. Original Parts replacement are not expensive, due to share parts bin for cars under GM wings. But aftermarket accessories is hand to come by. Interior has liitle to fault besides looking and feeling a bit dated and plastic, buts the instrument panel and dash layout are neat and straight forward. Lots of compartments for storage and hooks are all in the right place. Interior lightings are more than sufficent (even in the glove compartment) and comes with 3 power source. Seats are a bit low, but the car feel roomy all round. The Locally fitted air-con makes afternoon travel a noisy ride for the air-con needs to be stress to max in order to cool the relatively large area of the car. The small air-con vent also plays a part in the defficency to cool the cabin. Utility is the strong point of the car. Back seat can be full collaspe to form a near flat holding area. Comes with a net to prevent dogs n the cargo area from flying into pessenger area in hush stops. Exterior, lines are clean, its not out of this world, but its handsome and eludes a styling of its own kind. Running cost is typical 1.6 class. Fuel consumption is also stable at the stated figure. Reliability After warranty period yet to be proven. Its a matter of love it or hate it. With the next comparable estate at 15K+++ uupwards, it will appeal to its own crowd.


Good Body Strength Good Cargo Area Good Space Ride Comfort


Power to Weight Ratio Weak Aircon