Honda Airwave 1.5 i-VTEC Skyroof (A) 

This car is no longer available in the market.
Latest OMV: $16,846
Engine Cap: 1496 cc
Power: 110Bhp @ 5800rpm
Torque: 143Nm @ 4800rpm
Type: Wagon
Euro NCAP: N.A
User Ratings: 4.67 from 3 reviews

Parallel Imported

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User Reviews (3)

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Reviewed on 9 Oct 2015 6:27PM
Reviewed by: user9702
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Duration of car driven: Not Sure

The Review

I have driven this car for 9yr 11 month, I will be scrapping it next month because I do not think it will survive a COE renewal as it has already done me excellent service of 210,000km. 1. It is reliable and dependable. The only period I had problem was 140k km to 170k km span. During that drive period, the air-con compressor, the condenser fan, timing belt bearing, vacuum tube leak and wheel bearings failed. I changed all those parts with brand new parts (together with radiator fan, just in case), and it has provided me with immaculate service since then. 2. Excellent Fuel consumption. I travel 60HW/40city. The car started at 14.7km/l, and is currently serving me at 13km/l. It is much more efficient using RON98 then RON95, so the efficiency on RON98 used to more than offset the higher cost. 3. Roadholding, acceleration are all excellent for a 1.5L car. I used to drive a turbo charged fiat punto gt, and the last car before my airwave was a civic ek3. All faster car then the Airwave, but still I think airwave performs respectably. 4. The only weakness I found is the noise. It started off not too quiet, but over the years its gone louder. Changing of worn wheel bearing helped a lot. Most of the noise is from the wheel hub, and bearings. But it will slowly creep back. 5. Other concerns are. The CVT must have oil changed earlier then the manual states, I always change 10k km earlier. Also have the CTV fluid flushed. Do not jerk the accelerator, a lesson I learnt in my civic ek3. Do all this and it will provide excellent service. 6. If you experience sensor issue with idling, it is because of air leak in the vacuum tube. This is a hard problem to solve as it is not easily diagnosed. 7. If immobiliser prevents car from starting, which sometimes, though rarely occurs, shift and shake the gear shift and try again. It appears the car may have not done a recalled to do a change of cables, the failure of some parallel importers. If there are low mileage Airwave, its a good consideration for 5yrs COE renewal if you are on a budget. It has done me good service, and that's why I am doing this review for all...Tomorrow I will be driving a new car.

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Lifestyle Family

Reviewed on 16 Jul 2007 9:26PM
Reviewed by: eugn86
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Similar cars tried: Renault Megane, Toyota Corolla, Honda Edix
Duration of car driven: 2 years

The Review

When the Honda Airwave was launched, it's skyroof option was the biggest attraction. And that very versatile interior with generious space made it a very ideal car for families. The 1.5-litre VTEC engine is strong too, producing 110bhp and 142Nm of torque, pretty good figures for an engine of this size. And great fuel economy too. Depending on an individual's driving style, you can get anything between 12.5km/L to 18.5km/L! For me, my average's 14.5km/L. The furthest i've done with a tank of fuel is around 600km, on 38L of petrol, which is almost 16km/L. The car feels light from the traffic lights, probably due to low gearing for the 1st gear. And the engine's a delight, being very rev happy. My own 0-100km/h test freezed the stopwatch at 10.5sec. The cabin's very versatile. I managed to put in a knock-down double bed from Ikea into the car, with 4 people squeezing inside. At least it managed to. :) This car is great value and economical to run. This explains the growing sales. It's the 4th best selling parallel imported car, for a reason too!


Beautiful Skyroof
Punchy Performance
Huge interior space
Versatile Interior
Huge Boot
Frugal Engine


Can do with more insulation
Response can be more immediate
A little too much bodyroll

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Responded on: 26 Jul 2008 11:33PM

interesting and useful review. i'm thinking of changing my present ride to an airwave due to a family expansion. can you recommend a good PI? asdzds

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Fun Value for Money
Yuppie Cruiser

Reviewed on 30 Oct 2005 4:10AM
Reviewed by: akira
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Similar cars tried: Any other similar car in its class?
Fuel consumption: 11 km/litre
Drive pattern: 11
Duration of car driven: Less than 1 month

The Review

Honda is going on a interesting direction with the introduction of cars like Airwave and Edix, defining cars in new class of cars. The Airwave is a comfortable extra large wagon to drive around. It's probably 3/4 the weight of a regular MPV, it's length is shorter than a civic! Not that you can tell from a glance. It's rear cargo expands when you push down the rear seats (really ergonomical catches for folding down), I can even fit a mahjong table in comfortably! Performance wise, the 1.5 VTEC engine is still quite amazing. You would have thought a car of this size would warrant at least a 1.8 litre engine , but no, 1.5 does it just fine. Of course, the light weight helps. If not for the CVT, this would have been a great car. The glass roof is a novelty, akin to the one in the Renault Scenic. But mind you, it's not going to be very popular on sunny days, as you'll be barbequing folks alive :p All in, a marvellously designed car that breaks grounds. Just remember that it's not a MPV, but a lifestyle wagon ;) Cheers!


1. VTEC engine is still delightful
2. Roomy interior for front and rear passengers.
3. Large cargo space with rear seats down. (MJ table can fit
4. Beautiful glass roof


1. Lacking in Handling, can feel bodyroll, and steering suffers fr torque steer, as like some other hondas.
2. CVT is rough, and slow to engage when quick changes to the accelerator are applied