Toyota Soluna GLi 

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This car is no longer available in the market.
Engine Cap: 1498 cc
Power: 94Bhp @ 5600rpm
Torque: 124Nm @ 4800rpm
Type: Sedan
Euro NCAP: N.A
User Ratings: 4.00 from 1 review

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Reliable, nothing less

Reviewed on 9 Jan 2007 11:40AM
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Similar cars tried: Mitsubishi Gallant (MT). Proton Saga (AT)
Fuel consumption: 14.5km/litre
Duration of car driven: More than 3 years

The Review

Clutch biting position is excellent, even spread of initial bite and final pressure. This makes it easy for quick gear shift and fast clutch release. Enables me to capitalize on the momemtum of car when accelerating out of traffic. Excellent weight to engine power ratio. Gear shift in normal street driving gives a weak torquey acceleration. Think the gear ratios are optimised to achieve higher top speed. But never got the chance to test it. Vehicle has low profile. Suitable for tackling corners without having to drop vehicle momemtum too much. Kept the car for 5 years before dumping it long time back. Due to the high paper value. Took BMT (Bus, MRT, Train). Now that my new job requires me to travel, ny new Vios is parking in the showroom right now. :-) Nostalgic i guess. That's why i bought the soluna successor.


Light body. Translates into good fuel consumption. Mine averages 14.5km/ltr. Vehicle did not spend time in workshop for any breakdown maintenance except those two listed below. Anyway, these took less than an hour combined.


Driver side door handle cover dislodged. Rectified FOC. Auto door lock actuator cracked. Rectified FOC. Radiator fan bearing wear out on the 5th year. Aircon became weak on the 5th year.