Daihatsu Sirion 1.3 (A) 

This car is no longer available in the market.
Latest OMV: $13,072
Engine Cap: 1298 cc
Power: 90Bhp @ 6000rpm
Torque: 120Nm @ 4400rpm
Type: 5 Door Hatch
Euro NCAP:
User Ratings: 4.00 from 1 review

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Value for $$$ Made
in Japan entry level

Reviewed on 5 Jun 2008 4:55PM
Reviewed by: Kangadrool
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Similar cars tried: Mazda 2SP 1.5A 2007 model test drive
Fuel consumption: 12 km/litre
Drive pattern: 12 km/l (on average, in typical Singapore traffic conditions)
15 km/l (if travelling between 60-90 km/hr on non-congested roads, with few traffic light stops)
9-10 km/l (heavily congested roads, slow speed, looking for parking lots and MSCPs)
Duration of car driven: 1 year

The Review

Owned this for almost 1 year as a OPC. Overall very satified with this car after getting rid of stock tyres and installation of front strut, front and rear lower arm bars. This car handles very well after these simple mods unlike when in stock condition whereby there are lots of body rolls, poor grip on both wet and dry corners. Interior is very spacious though it's exterior length is only 3.6M long tip to tip. Can accommodate 1.8M tall person front and back with no problem. Very good legroom which is a welcome feature for tall people. Slow pick up from standstill. However, once it shifts to 2nd gear, it accelerates pretty fast and upshifts easily. This car should be reliable by Daihatsu/Toyota's track records. Besides regular servicings, there should not be too much expenses on surprises/hiccups. FC for 1.3 Japanese auto tranny is below expectation and far from quoted figure of 15 km/l for combined cycle. Most of the time can return around 12 km/l on average in Singapore traffic conditions. 9 to 10 km/l if there are too many inclines (MSCPs especially) and slow carpark-like speeds (<25 km/hr). Boot size is decent and well-shaped for hatchback. Recommended Buy, with at least a upper front strut bar installed (costs less than $100) for improved handling.


- easy to drive and park
- easy to get in and out of the car
- small turning radius; can do tight U-turn at one go
- reliable
- reasonable price vs Korean and Tom Yam made Japanese cars
- transparent, straight forward pricing by AD
- very spacious interior, surpassing most 1.6L cars


- poor handling and grip in stock conditions
- quite thirsty for 1.3L car (due to small engine on auto trans and mostly urban driving in Singapore. 1.5A would be ideal choice and better FC)

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Responded on: 20 Aug 2008 10:04PM

You make me feel so lucky with 18.83 km/litre, then 28.83 km/litre (subject to confirmation) asdzds