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McLaren Car Price Singapore Authorised Dealer
Eurokars Supersports Pte Ltd
5 Leng Kee Road
Singapore 159089
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Tel: 62516888
Price updated on 8 Oct 2020
Car Make / Model With COE SRP (SGD) Includes VES
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McLaren 540C 4.0 V8 (A) 2017 No N.A.
McLaren 570 GT 4.0 V8 (A) 2018 Yes
VES: $20,000 (C2)
McLaren 570 S 3.8 V8 (A) 2017 Yes
VES: $20,000 (C2)
McLaren 570 S Spyder 4.0 V8 (A) 2018 Yes
VES: $20,000 (C2)
McLaren 720S 4.0 V8 (A) 2017 No
VES: $20,000 (C2)
McLaren GT 4.0 V8 2020 Yes
VES: $20,000 (C2)
McLaren GT 4.0 V8 Luxe 2020 Yes
VES: $20,000 (C2)
McLaren GT 4.0 V8 Pioneeer 2020 Yes
VES: $20,000 (C2)
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COE Results

June 2022 - Round 2

CAT A: $74,989 1,188
CAT B: $106,001 5,317
CAT C: $53,011 9
CAT E: $104,400 3,703