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Good mid size SUV
with hi-tech

Reviewed on 26 Aug 2015 12:32AM
Reviewed by: kamenrider
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Similar cars tried: Produa Myvi, Impreza, City
Duration of car driven: Test Drove Once Only

The Review

Test drove it at Kah Motor Alexandra, The salesman Felix Lee is friendly and helpful. The HRV shared the new City 1.5 eco-friendly engine which have just nice power to move the car around. Acceleration from standstill is normal, it's gave me the feeling just like I'm driving my Subaru Impreza as its weight around 1.2ton is similar to Impreza. Handling wise is good. I did not felt too much bodyroll during cornering even it have higher body. (All SUV does have higher body and CG.) Higher seat do provide more better front and surrounding view. The boot space is good. I cannot say it's very big but it is bigger then Jazz's boot space. Rear seat 50:50 foldable.


Nice looking SUV, new eco engine, hi-tech interior.


power tuning not as good as City.