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Best Super Luxury
Sports car

Reviewed on 29 Nov 2008 10:01PM
Reviewed by: samgan
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Similar cars tried: Porsche Cayman S, Mercedes SL 350
Fuel consumption: 10 km/litre
Duration of car driven: Less than 1 month

The Review

Voted one of the top super luxury sports car for 2009 in USA. http://usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/cars-trucks/rankings/Super-Luxury-Sports-Cars/ Jaguar always have that regal appeal. It's voted as one of the most beautiful car. The 2009 Jaguar XK is one real good looking car befitting the gentleman with fine taste, unlike the boy-racer appearance of some of the competitors. For those who prefer a more aggressive look, there's the new body styling package for the car. The interior ooze with luxury befitting its class, and these came as standard features rather than as optionals as in the Porsche. The ride is superb and is one sports car that you can live with comfortably everyday. It's indeed a very practical super luxury sports car. It also has enough power to beat most cars, and more than enough for use on our roads. It is very easy to handle and gets very decent fuel economy too.


Perfect gentleman sports car. Great style and performance.

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Responded on: 1 Dec 2008 8:23AM

Of course one of the best for a 300 grand monster , wondering who can afford at the present crisis asdzds

Jaguar's saviour

Reviewed on 23 Mar 2007 10:36AM
Reviewed by: Rashed
Car reviews written ( 1 )
Similar cars tried: Porsche 911 Carrera S, BMW 650CI.
Fuel consumption: 12-14 km/litre
Drive pattern: City driving. Out on the highways, expect about 8 or 9.
Duration of car driven: 6 months

The Review

I note that the picture and details that onshift.com has on its site is of the old XK, not the new one. Simply put, this car is a winner in every way and, with the upcoming XF, looks like being Jaguar's - and Ford's - saviour. In short: A luxury GT coupe with all the refinements, luxury and comfort one would expect for the near S$350,000 price tag but at the same time, and belying its size, nimble, fast, surefooted and a great drive. Given most of us in Singapore spend much of our time driving below 60kmh and often in stop-start traffic, it is important to be be able to do that in comfort. The XK does not disappoint - pottering around at those speeds it's hard to tell whether you're in a high performance sports car or a German limousine. Compare that with the 911 which (although often described as the every day sports car) simply cannot compete with the refinement of the XK in city driving conditions. And as for the BMW, the driving position is simply awful and, frankly, given the 6 series are as common as mud now in Singapore, frankly it exudes none of the aristocratic class of the XK. It's also pretty ugly compared with the flowing, all-aluminium beauty of the XK. And yet when you slip the silken auto box of the new XK into Sports mode and flip those formula one paddle gears behind the steering wheel into second, it's breathtakingly responsive and fast - and just listen to the XK's engine roar and snarl: the big Cat certainly has claws but, thankfully for those of us who drive in the Lion city, they only come out when you want them to. Unlike the Porsche 911 which to me seemed like a lot of hard w


Handling, ride, performance, looks, comfort, luxury.


None really. Console touch-screen's visibility limited in direct sunlight.