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Good for family usage

Reviewed on 18 Jul 2006 2:00PM
Reviewed by: undead
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Similar cars tried: Toyota Pinic and Honda Mobilio
Fuel consumption: 10km/litre
Drive pattern: 75% City and 25% highway
Duration of car driven: 6 months

The Review

Good for the family. - the seats are comfortable and the last 2 seats (suitable up to teenage) can be folded flat with just 1 hand. - The sun & moon roof provides a paranomic view of the skyline and by default, it comes with some forms of heat reduction element. - The equipment is plentiful and makes driving a pleasure. Potentially Downside: - Hear problems with other renault model that the windows and batteries may fail prematually. However I have not encountered this yet... keeping my fingers crossed.


Comfort, quietness and equipments


Potential issues with Windows and batteries failure