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It's good value for money - A real Family Car!

Reviewed on 16 Sep 2008 9:29AM
Reviewed by: Rene
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Similar cars tried: Toyota Wish, Kia Carens, Toyota Estima, Mazda 5, Toyota Picnic
Fuel consumption: 13km/litre
Drive pattern: Petrol: Singapore 60% Highway 40% = 12KM/L Malaysia Highway = 14KM/L CNG Singapore 60% Highway 40% = 14KM/KG Malaysia Highway (100 - 130KM/H) = 18KM/KG Generally, FC for a 1400KG heavy, 7 Seater MPV is great!
Duration of car driven: Less than 1 month

The Review

The Toyota Isis is almost as spacious as the Toyota Estima and offers fare more space on the last row compared to the Toyota Wish. Though its selling price is much nearer to the Wish than the Estima. In general it’s a great family car, especially with Kids from all ages. The sliding door provides very good access to the middle row. The AC is very good even thought there is no air outlet in the back. The big side mirrors make it very easy to keep an overview of the traffic around as well as the parking. Bottom line: Probably the best family car if it comes to “Value for money”.


It's big, enough space for 6 Adults including some space for luggage in the back. The two sliding doors, of which one is automatic, are very useful especially with kids in a narrow car park. Driving this bigger car feels easy; handling of the car is firm and stable. It’s a good highway cruiser and makes long journeys enjoyable. Due to the reverse camera parking is a breeze.


Not enough compartments to place small items e.g. CD’s, Sun glasses, phone etc. Since the spare tire is underneath the back of the car the back end is lower and nearer to the concrete barriers in the car parks. One has to be careful when parking sometimes. Sine it has a 1.8L engine, acceleration takes a bit longer or the gas pedal has to be pressed harder = higher FC in city areas.