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Neither too hot nor too cold a HB

Reviewed on 27 Jul 2010 3:11PM
Reviewed by: Heltar
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Fuel consumption: 12km/litre
Duration of car driven: Test Drove Once Only

The Review

The Yaris will probably never top the list as the most desirable hatchback. But it is quite a capable hatch. It looks simple and pleasing to the eye. It does not try to be overtly cute like some of the other HBs in this segment. Chery QQ anyone? The Yaris, I feel, is one of the only, if not THE only compact HB in the lower end segment that a guy can sit in without looking,well, too metrosexual. Performance wise, the thin tires do little to make the drive entertaining. But slap on slightly wider tires and I bet the excitement level will be upped instantly. The steering wheel is on the light side but at least it communicates some feel of the road back to the driver. Perhaps it has more to do with cutting cost of production that makes the Yaris's steering communicative rather than by design. Lesser/cheaper powersteering column = lesser interference btw road and driver. Interior is simple and comfortable. It can carry 5, if you don't mind squeezing a little. It is surprisingly a very practical car for a vehicle of this size. Boot space is also decent. When you think about it, everything abt the Yaris is decent or slightly above average. It does not get the heart racing nor does it really make you hate the car. I suppose it can be considered Toyota's Hallmark - to make inoffensive cars. It is practical and decent to drive. Though no spectacular, the Yaris has its place in the hearts of people who simply want transportation.