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A Tamed beast

Reviewed on 7 Apr 2010 5:24PM
Reviewed by: ifconfig
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Similar cars tried: VW MKV GTi, R32, VW MKVI GTi
Fuel consumption: 8-9 km/litre
Drive pattern: 50/50
Duration of car driven: Test Drove Once Only

The Review

test drove the golf r in the night. took the ride to jervois road and it really stick to the road even on high speed bend cornerings. all thanks to the AWD and DCC for the firmer ride. if you have intended to get a brand new MK6 GTi and have bigger budget, perhaps this car will be a better option. here's a glimpse of the meter dials in the cockpit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5MfR5CxKjE


linear power delivery, all-wheels drive (AWD), good braking distance. bend following headlights


premium pricing, exhaust/engine sound not as good as V6 engine