Nissan Leaf Car Variants

Looking for a Nissan Leaf car for your personal or commercial needs? At Oneshift, we provide a range of Nissan Leaf car variants for your specific needs, via authorized dealers and parallel imports. You can take your pick from different variations, listed right below. Additionally, you can also access the printed pricelist, read car reviews, and sell your used car online. Get started now!

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Tan Chong Motor Sales Pte Ltd

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Effective 24 Jan 2020
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There are 4 available models found.
Variants SRP
Authorised Dealer We Test Drove This!
23 Jan 2020
Authorised Dealer New
23 Jan 2020
Authorised Dealer
23 Jan 2020
Authorised Dealer
23 Jan 2020
* Monthly Payment is calculated (50% down payment over 7 years) at 2.78% annual interest rate.