Volvo at The Singapore Motorshow 2020 - Responsible Luxury

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17 Jan 2020
Volvo at The Singapore Motorshow 2020 - Responsible Luxury

Volvo has launched one of the most ambitious plans in the automotive industry – to reduce its carbon footprint by 40% per car by 2025 as compared to 2018, and to be climate neutral by 2040, in line with the global Paris climate agreement of 2015.

Volvo’s 2040 vision goes beyond addressing tailpipe emissions through all-out electrification, another area in which the company is at the forefront. It will also tackle carbon emissions in its manufacturing network, operations and supply chain through recycling and reusing of materials. 

In line with the company’s 2025 aim to have 50% of global sales from fully electric cars and the other 50% from hybrids, Volvo will be launching the All-New Volvo S60 and XC60 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid at the Singapore Motorshow 2020. 

The Volvo Recharge Plug-in Hybrid range is designed to deliver a more sustainable and refined driving experience. The cars you trust to protect your family, now also help protect their future.

Recharge will be the overarching name for all chargeable Volvos with a fully electric or plug-in hybrid powertrain. The Recharge range aims to further boost sales of Volvo’s electrified cars and encourage plug-in hybrid drivers to use Pure mode as much as possible.

The All-New Volvo Recharge Plug-in Hybrid Range

The All-New Volvo S60 and New Volvo XC60 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid combine performance with fuel efficiency.

In addition to the fuel tank and petrol-driven internal combustion engine as in conventional cars, the Recharge Plug-in Hybrid cars are also equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that drives the cars at low speeds. The hybrid battery can easily be charged through a charging port at home or at a charging station. Alternatively, the electric motor's engine brake converts the car's kinetic energy to electrical energy during light braking to charge the hybrid battery. This function is active at all speeds.


The All-New Volvo S60 and New XC60 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid are powered by a T8 Twin Engine – Volvo’s plug-in hybrid technology that combines both a chargeable electric motor and a petrol engine. The cars are equipped with a supercharged and turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine that drives the front wheels with a powerful electric motor, resulting in effortless performance and a strong, consistent response.


There is a variety of drive modes available on both the All-New S60 and New XC60 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid for all driving conditions:

  1. Pure Mode uses only electric power, making it more fuel efficient as it drives on ECO mode.
  2. Power Mode combines the power of the electric motor and the petrol engine to deliver a truly high-performance driving experience. In Power, the pedal response is programmed so that driving feels sportier than in other drive modes.
  3. Hybrid Mode uses the electric motor and the internal combustion engine to the best effect, maximising efficiency while minimising emissions. Hybrid mode is optimal for most driving conditions.
  4. All-Wheel Drive Mode is intended for optimum all-wheel drive functionality in slippery driving conditions and increased traction.
  5. Off-road Mode (available only on the Volvo XC60 Recharge) is intended to improve the car's grip and traction on poor roads and terrains.
  6. Individual Mode allows the driver to tailor a driving mode to meet personal preferences.


City Safety with Full Auto Brake, Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection

A standard on all Volvo models, City Safety combines automatic braking functionality and collision avoidance systems to cover a range of potential accident scenarios, keeping you safe. City Safety is the only system in the market that detects pedestrians, cyclists and large animals.

IntelliSafe Surround

IntelliSafe Surround comprises of Blind Spot Information System (BLIS), Cross Traffic Alert and Rear Collision Warning with braking at standstill.

BLIS uses radar sensors to detect vehicles that are approaching from behind, in either lanes, and then alerts you to their presence.
Cross Traffic Alert gives you increased awareness of potential road users behind you at the right moment when reversing out of a parking space. The driver is alerted by a warning sound from the left or right speakers to correspond with the location of the hazard, and a visual warning in the centre display.

Rear Collision Warning activates when the car senses a risk of collision from behind and it helps to alert the driver in the approaching vehicle behind by flashing your hazard lights at a high rate. If a collision still can’t be avoided, the Rear Collision Warning system tensions the front safety belts just before the impact. To further help reduce the strain on the occupants at the impact the system also activates the brakes if your car is at standstill.

Adaptive Cruise Control with Pilot Assist

Includes Adaptive Cruise Control and Distance Alert and the advanced semi-autonomous drive feature, Pilot Assist. The Pilot Assist functionality gives gentle steering input to keep the car properly aligned within lane markings up to speeds of 130 km/h and no longer needs to follow another car. Pilot Assist is another step towards full autonomous drive.

360-degree View Parking Camera

A 360-degree camera makes parking easier by giving you a bird’s-eye view of your car and its immediate surroundings. It allows you to see objects or vehicles that may be hard to spot using only the windows and mirrors and is especially useful when negotiating tight spaces.

Harmon Kardon Premium Sound System

The Volvo Recharge Plug-in Hybrid range promises an immersive music experience with its top-of-the-range Harmon Kardon premium sound system. It features a unique air-ventilated woofer that delivers precise and powerful sound with active noise cancellation.

Graphical Head Up Display (for XC60 only)

Head up display allows text and graphical information to be displayed on the lower part of the windscreen in front of the driver. It provides information that is most vital to the driver. The messages are semi-transparent and do not in any way hinder the driver’s vision.

The All-New Volvo S60 and New XC60 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid are available in the T8 R-Design variant.

The New Volvo XC90 7-Seater Luxury SUV

Introducing the New Volvo XC90 7-seater luxury SUV. Shaped by Scandinavian sophistication, the New Volvo XC90 brings forth a refined but powerful presence. It carries the proud and confident face of Volvo’s design language, along with classic Volvo styling cues. Key features include the iconic “Thor’s Hammer” LED headlight design, the new grille and Volvo Iron Mark, and the expressive use of the Volvo word mark on the rear.

Sustainable Luxury

Inside, the New Volvo XC90 surrounds you with modern Swedish luxury. Uncluttered design creates a feeling of calm, and with carefully selected materials that accentuate the authentic, sustainable nature of luxury. A 9’’ tablet-like touch screen centre gives comfortable access to a wide-range of cloud-based applications such as navigation, Spotify and Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Spacious 7-seater Cabin

Everyone travels first-class in the New Volvo XC90. Its sculpted seats are luxurious in looks and feel while passengers enjoy extra leg room in the spacious 2nd and 3rd row seats. Its theatre-like seating gives passengers in the 3rd row a good view of the road.

Strong on Safety

City Safety helps to protect people inside and outside the car, day or night. As a standard in all Volvos, it identifies potential hazards such as other vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and large animals ahead. It warns you if it detects an imminent collision and if you don’t react in time, can automatically apply the brakes to help avoid or mitigate a collision.

It also includes Steering Support, which helps you to steer away from danger as effectively and safely as possible.

The Volvo XC40 Urban SUV

The Volvo XC40 is Volvo’s first-ever urban SUV in the compact premium SUV segment.

Developed around the challenges of modern city life, the Volvo XC40 aims to make the daily urban commute less stressful and more enjoyable, as drivers in the segment can rely on the award-winning safety, connectivity and infotainment technologies known from the new 60 and 90 range cars, making it one of the best-equipped compact premium SUVs in the market.

The Volvo XC40 is also the first model on Volvo’s new Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) platform, which will underpin all upcoming cars in the 40s range. The CMA platform will provide Volvo with the necessary synergies and economies of scale for the compact premium car segment.

The Volvo S90 Luxury Sedan

The Volvo S90 marked a giant leap forward for Volvo.

The Swedish car maker was well known for its SUVs and estates, but with the launch of the Volvo S90, it shook up the premium sedan segment with this distinctive executive class sedan.

Equipped with a host of new technologies ranging from cutting edge safety to cloud-based apps and services, the Volvo S90 is further proof of the Swedish brand’s continuing transformation.

“With the launch of the XC90 we made a clear statement of intent. We are now clearly and firmly in the game. With $11 USD billion of investment over the past five years we have not only reimagined what Volvo Cars can be – we are now delivering on our promise of a resurgent and relevant Volvo Cars brand,” said Håkan Samuelsson, President & CEO, Volvo Car Group.

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