It's good to nit pick

Powered Mirrors
If the vehicle has powered mirrors, check that the mirrors can freely move in all directions. If the mirror appears stuck, the motor adjusting the mirror could be faulty.

Wheels and tyres
First, bend down and look at the wheels closely. Check for any damage to the tyre sidewalls as these could lead to a damaged tyre. Inspect the rims for any bad scratches or damage.

Next, full-lock the steering wheel to one side and inspect the tyre threads. Look out for uneven wear patterns between the inner and outer parts of the tyres. These could indicate that the wheel alignment is off, the suspension is faulty or the wheels are unbalanced and improper tyre pressure.

Excessive wear on the outside shoulder of the tyres indicate that the previous owner had driven the vehicle hard.

Be wary of the thread depth as well, anything below 2mm is unacceptable and will require a replacement of the tires.

It is also important to check the condition of the spare tyre as well as the availability of a proper jack and lug wrench.

Windshield wiper
Activate the windshield washer to determine that the nozzles are not clogged or damage. Water should be sprayed out similarly in both nozzles. Check the windshield wiper as well, ensuring that they do not leave streaks across the windshield. If the wipers do not wipe off water cleanly, it could mean that they require replacement or that the tension on the wipers are off.

Shine a torch on the seats as you inspect them. Look out for stains and tears that you can use for negotiating further price reductions. Check that the seats recline properly as well as being able to move forward or backwards with relative ease. If it's an electrically adjustable seat, make sure all inputs on the controls move the seat accordingly.

Sync your mobile phone via bluetooth to check if it works. Then, select a song with clear vocals to check that the Head-Unit functions properly and all buttons work. Listen to each speaker for any distorted audio. A distorted sound could mean that the speaker is damaged. If the player has an auxiliary input, bring a mini-jack cable and connect to the Head-Unit to check that the input works.

Doors, releases
Open the all the doors and check that there is no free play when you try to lift them up on the hinges. If the door seems loose, it is an indication that it has been subjected to hard or long usage. Inspect the rubber seals around the door to make sure there is no rotting or damage rubber.

If the windows are powered, check that the switches are functioning and that the windows roll down and up all the way smoothly. If it does not, it indicates damage to the door's internals.

Check the engine oil on a level ground. Remove the dipstick from the engine. Wipe it clean with a tissue or paper towel. Insert the dipstick back in to the engine again and remove it this time to check the oil level. It should be between the 2 indicative marks. Also note the colour of the oil. If it appears blackish, it means the engine oil has not been changed for some time. This could indicate that the previous owner is haphazard about the maintenance of his car.

Obviously, if the seller can supply you with previous receipts or service book that the car had been meticulously looked after, it'll be great. Receipts from previous servicing, maintenance work and parts are also useful when you sell on the car letter on.


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