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» Updated for MAS Restrictions on 26 May 2016

 of Car Price
23 Dec 2009 (0 years, 3 months remaining)
(0 years, 3 months )

Based on this OMV and registration date, this car is eligible for minimum 30% down payment.


Financial Commitment

Car Price
Monthly Installment
$2,773.85 /month for 0 years, 3 months (3 months) Information

Upfront Payment

Transfer Fee
Down Payment
$3,540 (30% of Car Price)
1st Installment
Total Upfront Payment

Loan Details

Total Loan
$8,260 Information
Total Interest
$62 Information
Total Sum Paid
$8,322 at the end of 0 years, 3 months (3 months)

Other Car Financial Details

$15,000 Information
ARF Paid
$18,580 Information
PARF Rebate
You get back $9,290 at the end of 10th year (PARF Rebate) Information
Annual Depreciation
- Information
Loan Redemption Amount Paper/Deregistration Value
Month Year
Loan Redemption
Amount The amount to pay out to the bank upon the early settlement of loan. It is the oustanding minus the loan redemption.
Dereg Value Total value of PARF and COE Rebate, also known as 'Paper Value'.
Cash Position The cash balance of the car upon loan settlement and car degistration. If this value started to be greater than 0, it is commonly known as 'Break Even'.
Mar 2020 -5,517 250 -5,267
Apr 2020 -2,764 125 -2,639
May 2020 0 0 0
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