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Competitive loan rates

Competitive loan rates

We will help you apply for car loans with the best car loan rates in the market through exclusive partnerships with banks and financiers.

Paperwork & Agreements

Paperwork & Agreements

Our team of loan experts will handle all transactions and paperwork for you.

Hassle free and worry free

Hassle free and worry free

We handle everything so you just look forward to driving off your dream car.

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Required Documents

Documents to prepare for getting a car loan

Buyer as Individual Applicant

  • A loan application form (completed and signed by applicant). This is generally provided by the entity providing the loan.
  • Copy of NRIC (front and back)
  • Income Documents
    • Last 2 years NOA (Notice of Assessment)
    • Latest 12 Months CPF Contribution Statement, OR
    • Latest 3 Months Computerized Paylips
  • Sales and purchase agreement of vehicle
  • Copy of Enquire PARF/COE Rebate/Logcard for the vehicle

Guarantor for Buyer (if required)

  • A loan application form (completed and signed by guarantor).
  • Copy of NRIC (front and back)
  • Income Documents
    • Last 2 years NOA (Notice of Assessment)
    • Latest 12 Months CPF Contribution Statement, OR
    • Latest 3 Months Computerized Paylips


  • Vehicle Log Card/Acknowledgement
  • Copy of NRIC (front and back)
  • Authorization form to check full settlement (Only if vehicle is still under financing)

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We cover all types of bank loans in Singapore, from in-house financing backed by Revo Financial (a wholly owned subsidiary of Carousell) and car loans from the major banks. We are also able to secure exclusive rates through our network of partner banks and financiers.
No worries, we will help you to apply for the loan with other banks. We can also advise you on the potential solutions to help secure a car loan, ensuring that we help you get the best and/or lowest rates possible.
We do not take a commission and fee from you, the banks and financiers will give us a small fee for facilitating the transaction.
The COE renewal loans are only meant for cars after the first 10 years. The interest rate for a COE renewal loan is also slightly more expensive due to the lower PARF rebate and value of the car as compared to a used car that is 10 years or younger.

How may we assist you?

Explore our suite of services for your car sales, purchase and ownership journey

Step by step guide to buying or selling your car in Singapore

The car buying and selling process in Singapore has improved tremendously in the past few years, as LTA went through the digitalisation of many of the paper processes.

How to sell your car directly to other car buyers in Singapore
  1. Find out the market price of similar makes and models on platforms like Carousell.
  2. List your car for sale on Carousell.
  3. Manage the enquiries and arrange for viewings with potential buyers.
  4. Prepare Indemnity forms if you are allowing buyers to test drive your car.
  5. Prepare Sales and purchase agreement forms.
  6. Prepare receipt to be used when you receive any form of cash or payment from a buyer.
  7. You will need to ensure that there is no existing car loan on your vehicle before you are able to effect an ownership transfer on LTA’s portal. If you have an existing car loan, you will need to pay this off with your bank and get them to release the vehicle. If you need help to clear off the existing loan, please reach out to us through the form above.
  8. Access the Onemotoring portal here to execute the ownership transfer once everything else is in order: Refer to the Onemotoring guide here.
How to buy your car from a direct seller in Singapore
  1. Browse and search for your car on platforms like Carousell.
  2. Chat up the seller and arrange for viewings.
  3. If possible, request for the seller to send the vehicle for a pre-purchase inspection. You can reach out to us through the form if you need help with this.
  4. Prepare to place a deposit for the car if you are going ahead with the purchase. Ensure that the seller gives you a receipt for this deposit. This is generally non-refundable, so please take note.
  5. Sign the sales and purchase agreement form if the seller has provided one.
  6. If you require a bank loan for the purchase, it can be quite a hassle. Reach out to us through the form above so we can help source for the best and lowest interest rates for you.