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I just sold my car via SwiftQuote. and manage to sell it at the higher price compare with other car dealer. I would like to thank Justin for the great follow up and advice. Thank You Justin.

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Quick and easy to submit my vehicle details, I received a very good quote from the dealer.

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Justin has been very friendly and helpful. His great service in accommodating the transaction for both me and the dealer went smooth and fast for me.

Aaron Chew Khee Chye - 1 week ago

Selling my car by registering at SwiftQuote is very convenient and received a quote in short period with higher bidding price. It is a great service.

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I sold my car with relative ease through SwiftQuote at the best price. Justin was very prompt to come back to me with the best quote and there is no hassle. Great service and follow up. Overall experience was great. Well done and thumbs-up!

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I tried advertising my vehicle on both SwiftQuote and another portal. SwiftQuote gave me the best price for my vehicle. Dealer who contacted me was professional and took the trouble to explain process and address my concerns. Will definitely choose SwiftQuote again if I ever need to sell my car.

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Dragon Gail Anne - 2 weeks ago

Competitive price offered by dealer. Didn't knew that everything can go so smoothly without hiccups. All my things were sorted out within a week!

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Hit my target price, saved my hassle of going down to dealers to quote, everything was very smooth, transaction got done real quick. Thumbs up for the job done!

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The whole selling process goes very smooth. The dealer who bought my car also provided full assistance to me to get all the documents done. Hassle free transaction indeed!

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It was an easy process to sell my car through SwiftQuote. The dealer they connected me to was a pleasure to deal with and would certainly recommend given my experience

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Justin had done a good job then introduce me to the dealer that settles everything fast and smooth for me. Recommended Swiftquote to my friend about the efficient service.

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This is so amazing. The team were very professional and everything was well handled . I also got a satisfying selling price for my car.Will definitely recommend to all my friends...Keep it up..Cheers

SIM HOCK CHUAN - 3 weeks ago


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