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Skoda Superb 1.8 TSI Ambition 2019

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Kia Niro Hybrid 1.6

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Thank you for your service! You have been helpful, reliable and efficient; definitely highly recommended to those who want to sell their car. Best Regards Shirley

Shirley - 4 hours ago

Hit my target price, saved my hassle of going down to dealers to quote, everything was very smooth, transaction got done real quick. Thumbs up for the job done!

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It's an easy and well guided process where the meeting, paperwork and transaction is handled well by the friendly dealer and the Swiftquote team.

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Very happy with the prompt and hassle free service by Swiftquote! Most importantly my car was sold at a satisfactory price:) Everything was settled and car was handed over within a few days, amazing!!

BOO SEOW FANG - 3 days ago

Personally, I would recommend anyone who want to sell their car to use SwiftQuote. You won't receive any phone calls from various car dealers to act as your agent. In SwiftQuote, I received a price via email and its up to me to accept the quotation before the buyer would get in touch. By far, quotations are higher then anywhere else. Reliable source.

Don Ong - 4 days ago

Dealer was very patient and went thru step by step on how to transfer the car. Fuss free and pleasant transaction!

Serena Koh - 1 week ago

Quick and easy to submit my vehicle details, I received a very good quote from the dealer.

Alexander Lau - 1 week ago

Excellent service provided by Justin. I'm served by an honest dealer. Will definitely recommend SwiftQuote to my friends!

Dragon Gail Anne - 1 week ago

Fast response received from dealer. Was scheduled with an experienced scrap dealer. All arrangement was finalised with no hiccups.

Daphne - 1 week ago

SwiftQuote is very prompt in their reply with quotes and they deliver as promise. Hassle free transaction with the dealer. Friendly staff and dealer.....👍👍👍👍

Juhaidy Bin Mohamed Arif - 1 week ago

Fast and efficient platform as compared to the others.

KOH WEN DEE - 2 weeks ago

Sold my car within a day of contacting Swiftquote with one of the highest price when compared with the quotes from many other dealers. All paperwork were done very quickly and successfully handover within 3 days. Very satisfied with my experience with Swiftquote.

Ng Ser Siong - 2 weeks ago

The online experience is pretty fuss free. The friendly customer service personnel help to sort the process out.

Arthur Ong - 2 weeks ago

I have sold my car thru SwiftQuote and the respond is quick,The person that was in charge got a quotation to me within 24 hrs.So l would recommend my friends to check with them!

Chew Kim Soon - 2 weeks ago

Service rendered was fast and smooth, my enquiries was being answered patiently by Justin. Please keep up the good work! I'm impressed!

Pohbin Sim Boon Heng - 2 weeks ago


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Volkswagen Jetta 1.4 TSI Sportline 2016

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Starting fr $684.87/mth.

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Mercedes-Benz GLC 250 4-Matic AMG 2017

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Starting fr $1,543.55/mth.