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How does "sell for me" work?

Submit your details

Submit your details

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We will arrange for a non-obligatory viewing and inspection of your car with the dealer who gave the best quote



We will list your car on Carousell, managed by the Oneshift team and featured for best visibility and exposure via our own channels to get as many enquiries as possible



We will manage all enquiries and schedule viewings with potential car buyers on your behalf. Our only objective is to help you sell your car at the highest price possible!

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Why sell your car online with Oneshift?

What our happy customers say!


  • Simply provide us your car details and we will contact you for a viewing.
  • We will take professional photographs of your car, and send your car for an inspection to understand the as-is condition of the car.
  • We will proceed to list the car on marketplaces like Carousell and generate enquiries from potential car buyers.
  • When you are satisfied with any price offer, an appointment will be set up with the car buyer at our office to do the final transaction.
The selling price of a car typically depends on a few factors;
  1. The condition of the car, whether it is well taken care of and have had gone through regular and preventive maintenance.
  2. The demand of the particular make and model, there are car makes and models that are more mass market models which will make it easier to get a higher price. Rarer and less popular cars might find it difficult to sell at a high price.
  3. With Oneshift’s "sell for me" service, we will also advise you with market price analysis of your car based on our internal research and data of marketplaces like Carousell.
Yes! You can still drive your car, and we will advise you on scheduling of viewings which will be arranged at your convenience and preferred locations.
We charge a small success fee of $XX or X% of the final transacted selling price. If we do not sell your car, we do not take a cent, this ensures that our team is aligned to ensure that we help you sell your car.
Generally the handover for a car can take anywhere from 1 to 14 days, depending on both the buyer and yourself.
Almost 80% of cars in Singapore have an outstanding car loan! We will assist you throughout every step of the journey to ensure a hassle free and hands off experience. Oneshift is also backed by Revo Financial, which is a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of Carousell, and will help you and the potential car buyers with loan and financing requirements.

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Step by step guide to selling your car in Singapore for the highest price?

The way to get the highest selling price for your car is always through the direct car buyers. Listing your car for sale directly on Carousell will give you the highest selling price because there is no middle man involved, but you will have to deal with the viewings and negotiating on your own. Oneshift’s "sell for me" service aims to help car owners be hassle-free and sell directly to other potential car buyers for the highest price.

  1. Find out the current selling price of your car make and model on platforms like Carousell
  2. Submit your licence plate and submit your car details to Oneshift’s team of car experts
  3. We will help you take professional photographs, send your car for a 107-point inspection and list it on marketplaces
  4. We will help you manage all leads and enquiries, as well as the management of viewings
  5. We will also manage all paperwork and financing matters on your behalf