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  •    Sell at the price that you want.

  •    Let dealer market your car and filter only genuine buyers that can match your price.

  •    Leverage on dealer expertise to negotiate prices and the sales process.

  •    Our dealer will help you and potential buyer to facilitate loan settlement and approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much car I sell car for?

    We will help you to sell at the price that you want. To maximize performance, we will also advise you with market information about your car.

  • Can I still drive my car?

    Yes, you can still drive your car. We will advice you on the schedule, so that viewing can be arranged at your convenience.

  • What will you market the car?

    We will advertise your car as Featured used car in listings, newsletter and social media to maximize performance.

  • What if I have an outstanding bank loan on my current car?

    No worries as this happens to most of the cars we deal with. The dealer will be the party assisting you in settling your existing bank loan along with the paperwork involved.

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Call our Experts at 6533 5878

Mon to Fri 10am - 6pm