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Lot-snatchers, brake-jammers & 'kookoo' drivers

Road bullies, hoggers, Sunday Drivers, drivers that can’t seem to properly align their car in a parking lot - if there's any kind of bad driver you haven't seen, there are other drivers who probably have.

And now you can, too, thanks to the increasing popularity (and lower prices) of in-car cameras. Many of us may have at some point uploaded our own in-car videos of bad drivers we encounter on the roads, to Youtube and other video-on-demand platforms. 

But before you upload the next one, simmer down! The rising trend of bad driving may indicate that drivers in Singapore are getting more reckless, uncivil and selfish, but it may also indicate that you yourself are guilty of some of these anti-social habits below. 

In-car cameras cut bo...

Posted 29 Jun 2015
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The Top 5 & The Worst 4

Think no carpark is too narrow, or no lot too small? These 10 horrible mall carparks in Singapore will put your driving skills to the challenge, and possibly have you screaming at your dashboard after you donate some paint samples to a carpark ramp.

 1. Fortune Centre

This mall is aptly named, because parking here will cost you a fortune; two fortunes if you’re not careful. This is one of those carparks that requires you to drive up almost five floors before you even get to the parking spaces themselves. Kudos to whoever designed this; everyone loves driving up and down narrow winding slopes for no good reason.

2. Bugis Junction

Most cars should actually get by fine here, but not if you have lowered suspension. If you do, spare y...

Posted 21 Jun 2015
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Top of the J-Pop

Parallel importers (PI) account for a significant share of the car-sales market in Singapore. According to The Business Times, the number of parallel imported cars rose in 2014 as Certificate of Entitlement (COE) quotas increased, and with the Japanese Yen falling, the prospects of parallel importers here are expected to keep improving.

Not that there's much reason to suspect that they'll ever decline, of course. Despite all the upsets in recent economics theory, sales of PI cars here prove, more than ever, that luxury goods, characterised by demand which increases more than proportionally as income rises, continues to exert "price-competitive" pressure on official dealers. And that's a good thing for car-buyers, as they can afford to b...

Posted 15 Jun 2015
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Toyota Crown Athlete Hybrid 2.5 S (A)

Introduction, Exterior

Having been around since 1955, the Crown is one of Toyota's oldest nameplate., and was also the marque's first car with a proper name instead of letters. In fact, a number of popular Toyota models we know were named after the Crown – the Camry is the phonetic transcription of the Japanese word for “crown”, while Corona is the Latin for “crown”, and Corolla is Latin for “crown of flowers”. 

The Crown is Toyota's flagship sedan in most markets, save for Japan where the Century takes the cake instead. The Crown is an important car in Japanese markets, Toyota shifts about 4000 these cars per month on average.

The most recent, fourteenth-generation Crown was introduced in Japan in early 2013. Offered in Royal and Ath...

Posted 15 Jun 2015
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Under the hood

Singaporeans are fond of revving up north for a short summer getaway during the June holidays. To avoid disappointment brought about by a car breakdown en-route, here's a checklist to go through before you embark on the journey with your family.

Below the hood:

Fluid levels

When was the last servicing you did for your 4 wheeler and how comprehensive was that? Chances are many of you drivers will have to run your precious drive through a basic fluid check prior to you road trip (especially so if you are travelling for more than 1000km).

Inspect the following fluid levels to ensure they are adequately topped up:

1. Engine oil

2. Brake fluid – Top up to the MAX marking as indicated in the brake fluid pump with a DOT4 brake fluid, un...

Posted 8 Jun 2015
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Honda Vezel Hybrid

While many would associate Toyota with being at the forefront of vehicle hybrid technology, its Japanese counterpart, Honda, is not slouch in this field either. Honda first showed off their proprietary Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) hybrid powertrain with the Honda J-VX Concept back in 1997. By 1999, this car soon evolved into the Insight three-door hatchback, spearheading Honda's first foray into the hybrid car market. Today, the marque's family of hybrid vehicles ranges from the compact Fit Hybrid, to the range-topping new Honda Legend Sport Hybrid.

And recently, one of the latest members in Honda's hybrid family - the Vezel Hybrid – arrived on local shores. Featuring Honda's latest “sport hybrid” technology, the Vezel Hybrid promises a ...

Posted 3 Jun 2015
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There are two things in this world that a man would never readily admit to being bad at. Driving and well I’ll leave you to guess what the other is. Motoring journalists are not exclusive. But Porsche believes that there’s a better driver in all of us which is why they designed a course that will take us through three stages of driving proficiency.

The aim is to help motoring media become better at handling not just Porsche high performance cars but improve our individual driving performance as well. Of course cleverly entwined into the course was an opportunity to showcase the prowess of the brand’s sports cars. Not that we mind.

Considering that Porsche derives much of its rich heritage from the race circuit, it seemed only fitting...

Story by Benjamin G. Kline, Photos by Porsche Asia Pacific Direct from Pattaya, Thailand posted 2 Jun 2015
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5 Extended-Family Friendly Cars You Should Check Out

The family car has a lot of roles to play today. Be it driving to doctor’s appointments, sending the kids to classes or just a day out at the mall, finding a car that can do it all can be hard, especially when you have to cater to the wide range of needs an extended family demands.

These needs include ensuring easy movement in and out of the car for the elderly and mobility-challenged, a commute that’s comfortable for both arthritic bones and bouncy young children, and space for all the barang-barang (Malay for ‘stuff’) that comes with both age groups.

Thankfully, we are spoilt for choice in sunny Singapore. The family cars available here sport combinations of luxurious seats for long journeys, automated sliding doors for helping elder...

Posted 2 Jun 2015
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