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The long awaited 4th generation Lexus RX was unveiled at a media event last week.

Since its introduction in 1998, the car has proven to be a huge success amongst those who want luxury and utility wrapped in a single package. The Lexus RX has always been a popular offering on our streets further evidenced by Borneo Motor’s announcement that bookings for new RX have been filled till April 2016.

Being Lexus’ best-selling model worldwide, the new RX features several upgrades over its accomplished predecessor together with radical new styling that has been introduced gradually throughout the Lexus model range. Dubbed L-Finesse – leading edge design and technology applied with finesse – the new RX comes with Lexus’ signature hour glass spind...

Story and Photos by Alvan Sio posted Yesterday
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Mercedes-Benz has introduced the new GLE Coupe and GLE, taking their renowned off-road prowess to the luxury consumer.

Inspired by the legendary G-Class, the newly christened GLE and GLE Coupe are part of the move by Mercedes to rebrand their model line-up in line with the staple A, C, E and S-Class sedans. Gone is the ML, facelifted and transformed into the so named GLE – and as far as naming conventions go, if the E-Class is bigger than the A-Class, so too is the GLE larger than the existing GLA and so on. Get the new naming concept of Mercedes now?

Said Wolfgang Huppenbaur, President & CEO of Mercedes-Benz Singapore: “The new Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe and GLE offer unparalleled dynamisn, versatility and robustness, true to the Mercede...

Story by Alvan Sio; Photos from Mercedes-Benz posted Yesterday
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Last week, you learnt 5 Facts About Overtrading Your Car In Singapore. The week before, I revealed 5 Insider’s Perspectives regarding selling your cars to used-car dealers in Singapore. This week, I’m going to be talking about buying a parallel imported car in Singapore.

Or rather, Steven Lim will be talking about it.

As you may know from my previous 2 stories, Steven Lim is a car broker by profession. His job, which is to link up buyers and sellers of cars, lets him transact many more cars a month than I ever can in 10 years, giving him the experience needed to get you a good deal.

With many of us on the hunt for a new car to show off during Chinese New Year (which is less than 3 months away), here’s what he said are our most common ...

Posted 2 days ago
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In September, the Straits Times reported that the motor industry has found ways to get around car loan curbs - a development that is keeping vehicle demand and certificate of entitlement prices buoyant. As covered in my previous article, Scheme or Scam, these ways may include balloon schemes, invoice inflation and overtrades. 

Now, I’m not a very financially savvy person, and in truth I’ve only bought one car in my life – which compared to most people, doesn’t count for much. Which is why when I had the opportunity to talk to someone from within the automotive industry, I jumped at the chance.

As mentioned last week, Steven Lim is a car broker – a middleman who links buyers with sellers of cars. We met up a few weeks ago, and over co...

Posted 23 Nov 2015
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What's a car broker do?

Steven Lim is a broker by trade. And by trade, I mean the automotive trade.

Never heard of a car broker before? Well, like property agents, a car broker makes a living from marrying up buyers and sellers.

Said Steven, “That’s what my job is, I’m the middleman. So if you want to sell your car, instead of you calling 20 dealers, I do the footwork.”

“If you are buying a car, what I usually do is I talk to my client, understand their needs, wants, and budgets, etc. Then I make recommendations - I think you can go for A, B, or C models. If you are agreeable, I will link you up.”

Steven has a select list of used car dealers and friends in authorised dealerships that he works with.

“If you are looking for a used car, I’ll check through...

Posted 16 Nov 2015
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Extra! Extra!

Are cars affordable in Singapore? Some, especially those who bought their cars in the 2008-2009 cycle, may look at their monthly installments and nod in agreement.

Not anymore, obviously. And even if the COE is cheap, tacked on top of the high tax duties and COE are some hidden costs of car ownership many of us never really take into account when we sign on the dotted line at the dealership…

Such as:


1.         Traffic, ERP and parking violations

As careful as we Singaporean drivers are, some rules are meant to be broken. Like for example, speed limits. Who hasn’t received a warning letter for travelling over 80km/h along Lornie Road? What is it about this road that makes it such a nexus of evil? I’ve got three tickets alone, out ...

Posted 9 Nov 2015
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BMW Asia has announced the arrival of the sixth generation BMW 7 Series in Singapore. At an event held for the media yesterday, the new flagship of BMW was unveiled and invited guests were given an in-depth tour of the new car.

Codenamed G11 and G12 (long wheelbase version), the all-new 7 Series was created with one theme in mind – driving luxury. BMW has introduced a whole host of technological wizardry with its new flagship, as has always been the case throughout its 38-year long history.

One of the key highlights of the G11 7 Series is the new Carbon Core construction that BMW has used in the chassis of the car. As the name suggests, the car has a chassis that’s made of a combination of carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP), steel ...

Story and Photos by Alvan Sio posted 6 Nov 2015
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How To Be Neighbourly

From November 1, motorists caught with illegally modified engines or exhaust systems in their vehicles for a second or subsequent time will be subjected to more frequent mandatory vehicle inspections. This bodes ill for motorheads here, but it is bad news for their wallets as well.

Most of you will be familiar with widely-circulated rumours that some motor insurers will reject first or third party claims, if the cars they insured have been modified.  But even if you’ve never modified your car, a rejected claim could still happen to you. A rejected claim is every driver’s worst nightmare. Here’s 5 ways it could happen.


1.         Your claim might be rejected if it involves a foreign-registered car

An estimated 300,000 commuters, ou...

Posted 2 Nov 2015
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