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7 years and going…

Did you know that Oneshift has been conducting our annual car of the year for seven years now? Yes, seven!


2014 only

Our COTY focuses only on the cars that were launched in the year 2014 to create the most fair and equal selection of cars we can find. New cars are being launched with several new features in each model year and it just wouldn’t be fair comparing this year’s model with a competitor from a year or years before.




For the past 6 years, the German brands have clinched the overall car of the year award every year. A testament to Germanic tradition of building fine automobile. But will it remain the same this year? 

2013 Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG

2012 Porsche 911

2011 Audi A6


Posted 12 Dec 2014
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For a resident of a tiny island with roads tightly restricted, a track day, any track day is a welcome one. But one that involves a whole fleet of Lamborghini’s latest baby, the Huracan, will be a cherished one. Held on the same weekend as the World Finals Super Trofeo race, it’s hard not to get swept up in the spirit of all things Lamborghini.

More importantly though, we’re here to determine if this latest baby bull can pick up where the Gallardo left off. The importance of the Gallardo can’t be ignored. Having been around for a decade, the baby Lamborghini single handedly accounted for nearly half of all Lamborghinis ever sold since the beginning. That’s 14,000 out of 30,000 Lamborghinis! Giving the brand the much needed sales boost...

Story by Benjamin G. Kline, Photos by Lamborghini posted 7 Dec 2014
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In the UK, diesel cars make up about half of privately registered cars, whereas locally, sales of diesel cars up until two years ago was extremely dismal due to sky-high road tax imposed on them in local markets.

In 2013 however, a slew of policy changes transformed the diesel vehicle market. In January, the additional road tax for diesel cars (charged on top of the existing road tax) fell from $0.625 per cc of engine capacity to $0.20. In July, the Carbon Emission-Based Vehicle Scheme (CEVS) kicked in to either subsidise or further increase the cost of cars depending on their carbon dioxide outputs. As diesel cars produce less CO2 than their equivalent petrol counterparts, they attract sizeable rebates or escape heavy taxing.

In 2014,...

Posted 5 Dec 2014
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Resale value is one of the main reasons why cars are painted in relatively safe colours. Very rarely would you find a car painted in a wild paint scheme, for the majority of owners are afraid it may hurt its eventual selling price. However, there is a small group of car owners who value individuality over a car's resale value, choosing to paint and wrap their cars in unusual colours.

There are lots of options when it comes to changing the colour of your car (think paint, wraps, and dipping), and the relatively ease of doing so means that there is an increasing number of cars in unique colours. With all the fancy tech capable of reproducing the wildest of colours, what are the 5 most unique and original car colours in Singapore?

1. Pepp...

Posted 27 Nov 2014
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From hard to soft and slick to ribbed, you are never short of tyre choices when shopping for a new set. While tyres vary in size and performance between manufacturers, there’s one brand that has had a foothold in producing race winning performance tyres for more than half a century.

The requirements for road tyres and race tyres vary dramatically in their requirements. While race tyres are meant to maintain performance integrity for just a couple of laps, road tyres have to maintain their performance over two or three years which amounts to a distance of 20,000 to 30,000kms.

Bridgestone first unveiled the RE001 in 2007 that married both performance and everyday usability in one tyre. Aimed at the enthusiast crowd, the RE001 strived t...

Posted 24 Nov 2014
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One may think that the exorbitant costs associated with car ownership in Singapore may prevent the wealthy in our society from purchasing ultra-expensive and ultra-exclusive hypercars. However, it seems that the willingness to splurge on these cars is very well alive. The owners of the nine cars in our list below splashed out on some of the rarest, most exxlusive, and fastest automobiles in the world.

While several of the cars mentioned were launched with great fanfare, some were imported into the country under a veil of secrecy. Instead, their existence was made known only when they were spotted on local roads by keen-eyed car enthusiasts. It is not hard to believe that given our standing in the world economy, our country could be in t...

Posted 19 Nov 2014
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Let's face it, cars are ridiculously expensive here in our tiny island and for most of us, that BMW, Audi or Mercedes-Benz is beyond the reach of most middle income earners. Basing this list on the annual depreciation* of popular used cars, there is a variety of premium used cars you may buy for more or less the same depreciation per year. These are cars that are significantly cheaper to buy than they look and are cars you perhaps never knew you could afford.

Given that the market average annual depreciation of a 2 year old Volkswagen Jetta is about $10,000 a year, and a 4 year old Mercedes C200 about $15,000 a year, here are our picks of used premium cars that are more affordable than you think. With these cars in the list, you could b...

Posted 14 Nov 2014
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Pump prices are on the upward trend and with the recent toll hikes, governments on both ends of the causeway are making it economically unfeasible to fill up in Malaysia. Avoiding lead footed inputs on the accelerator is just one of the ways you can improve your fuel economy. 

The economy figures printed in brochures are usually obtained under laboratory conditions and with a computer controlled throttle input. Both of which are hard to match in real world conditions. Getting perhaps 80% of the claimed economy figure is considered quite an achievement.  

Here are 9 things you can do to knock those dollars off your monthly petrol bill.


1. Ease it in and ease it out

Car control isn’t all about diving into a bend with superman aplo...

Story by Benjamin G. Kline posted 7 Nov 2014
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