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Posted 4 Sep 2014


Having done a road trip with the last Golf R in 2012, it seemed fitting when our turn with the new Golf R came up that we should celebrate it with yet another epic road trip across Malaysia. And with the launch of the new Penang bridge in March this year, it was enough reason for us to set our GPS for Penang Island.

Except that with the bridge being so new, neither our Garmin GPS nor Google Maps has it registered as yet. So as far as both of these maps were concerned, we were attempting to skip across the sea with the Golf R. Obviously as you can tell from the photos, we did find the bridge in the end and we'll share with you how later in the article.

What could possibly be so enticing about a bridge that would spur us on a 723 kilom...

Story, Photos and Videos by Benjamin G. Kline posted 26 Jun 2014
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Recently we had a chance to experience the new MINI and put it through its paces in a short course set up right in the Zouk carpark. The course was set up to show off the MINI’s agility in tight spaces. Something drivers will find useful around our claustrophobic local roads. But the added challenge was the gravel surface that would give any car’s stability system a hard time.

The new MINI is expectedly larger than the one it replaces. Growing in every corner and a stretched wheelbase means taller friends will now fit a little more comfortably in your new MINI. But more importantly the new car is also lighter though only by five kilos but still an admirable fact considering the improved dimensions.

But has the changes affected the MINI...

Story by Benjamin G. Kline, Photos by MINI posted 13 Jun 2014
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A perfect marriage of hybrid technology with luxuryÖ

The merits of hybrids are numerous and obvious. Most obvious is the use of a smaller petrol engine combined with the electric power of a motor. In terms of performance, the combined horsepower of both drive systems usually matches and in some cases even exceeds that of a larger capacity engine.

But most useful is the immediate onset of torque from the electric motor from zero revs which gives the car that extra oomph while the petrol engine revs up to produce a staggering amount of torque. That’s also the basis that has seen many top echelon super car manufacturers advocating hybrid technology.

However, there’s more to the hybrid system than performance. And for a brand like Lexus the advantages are two-fold. Contrary to the notion tha...

Story by Benjamin G. Kline, Photos by Lexus Singapore posted 12 Jun 2014
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Most drivers out there would never have a chance to fully discover or utilize the full breath of their car’s abilities. Unless you’re hurling your car into bends with wild abandon, most wouldn’t be able to experience the numerous passive and active safety systems at work to keep you safely planted on the road.

The BMW Performance Academy serves to educate both current and future owners of BMW cars about the numerous safety and dynamic attributes of their different platforms. And the star of this recently concluded event was the F10 5 series. This event goes to show that it isn’t just the flagship 535i N55 powered cars that are dynamically gifted. But even the most basic 520i benefits from the excellent platform on which it is built.  

...
Story and Video by Benjamin G. Kline, Photos by BMW Asia Pacific posted 5 May 2014
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Since a chance meeting back in September last year in Germany, I’ve been looking forward to the arrival of the Twizy on our shores. While it isn’t the typical snorting performance car we usually get excited about, the cutesy new French electric still has us eager to jump in.

Besides its size, the futuristic design has it looking like something right off a sci-fi flick. Measuring just 2.3 metres by 1.1 metres, you could theoretically park up to three of these into a standard lot. With a range of up to 100km when driven ‘sensibly’, the Twizy should be enough to carry itself through an average day’s commute.

Unlike most electric cars that require a special charging station, the Twizy gets a full charge in 3.5 hours via a standard three-...

Story by Benjamin G. Kline & Renault, Photos by Renault posted 4 Apr 2014
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BMW xDrive technology

Like the opening scenes of a Bond movie, we were shuffled onto a luxury yacht for our short secretive ride to an island just off the coast of Sentosa. For the first time, in local automotive history, BMW managed to borrow Lazarus Island for an exclusive driving event.

Usually an idyllic and tranquil island that sees the occasional jogger from nearby St John’s Island, it offered a unique venue for BMW to show off the driving capabilities of their X-series Sport Activity Vehicles.

Unlike conventional Sports Utility Vehicles, the SAVs from Munich have a greater emphasis for on road performance whilst at the same time retaining the practical attributes of an SUV. 


BMW xDrive technology

One key element that helps retain the dynamic qua...

Story and Video by Benjamin G. Kline, Photos by BMW Asia Pacific posted 18 Mar 2014
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Oneshift recently concluded the Car of the Year 2013 awards with a visit to each of the winning showrooms to personally congratulate the management on their win. 

Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG - Overall Car of the Year & High Performance Car of the Year

For all its conservative dimensions, the A 45 AMG has the performance envelope of a larger car with an exhaust sound to match. Every upshift is met with a thunderous crack that pierces the air. It is a supercar packed into a small car body.


McLaren 12C Spider - Best Sound & Supercar of the Year

By the final week, the 12C started to edge ahead and eventually ended the polls with just 19 votes ahead of the R8 V10. Even our Editorial team was surprised at the result with most of the team p...

Story and Photos by Benjamin G. Kline posted 4 Mar 2014
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MINI's new fun and adventurous One.
The Mini dialed up to 'S'

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