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When it comes to minivans, 7-seaters and hybrids, one might think that there are three different types of people that buy these different cars. Well Toyota has decided that even if there were three different types of buyers for those cars, only one car is required to fit in all three segments and appeal to them all.
Enter the Voxy, a do it all MPV, minivan, 7-seater and yes; hybrid car. If a product is so many things, it must be pretty darn jam packed with goodies. And it is, once you climb aboard and begin to discover what Toyota is giving you for less than $150,000 in today’s uber expensive Singapore car market.


The Voxy is a large car; that’s immediately apparent. It looks similar to a small school bus, but that’s not necess...

Story and Photos by Alvan Sio posted 2 days ago
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You know what people who are super of stitious say: don’t do anything risky during the Chinese Ghost Festival, because the chance for it to go badly is higher. All sorts of calamities can befall you if you refuse to heed this advice. So no swimming, no taking long trips, no buying big-ticket items like cars, no moving homes, and the list goes on.

The thing is, is there any scientific basis to these 7th month “truthisms”? Of course not, that’s why they are called superstitions.  Right?

Luckily statistics can be collected and objectively assessed to ascertain reality. The truth is out there - with that in mind, here’s a few 7th month driving superstitions I put under the scrutiny of stone cold objectivity. Like the following:

#1. Car ...

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The name is quite pretty, is it not? It’s called the Jade, and as you might know, the Chinese love the rock. Its lustrous greenish grey surface and smooth, cool finish has inspired many works of art that are painstakingly hand crafted out of the hard rock. It’s no wonder then, that the Jade is one of the best selling cars in China, where its name inspires awe and desire even before customers see the car.

Based off the Stream platform, it’s designed to be 4+2 seater, something unique I think most would find. After all, 2+2s are common, but 4+2? You can now take more kids than the average hatchback would, but not have to buy a full on MPV that’s slightly cumbersome to drive. So let’s find out just what this cool piece of kit is all about....

Story and Photos by Alvan Sio posted 28 Aug 2015
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“Cars are really expensive these days”, says the average Joe who laments each time COE prices are released. With prices in excess of $100,000, you’d expect cars in Singapore to be able to fly – or hover – at the very least.

Well nobody makes passenger vehicles that do those things except for maybe Boeing or Sikorsky; but at Nissan, they’ve found a way to make a car basically do it all, as far as your everyday driving is concerned.

“But every car manufacturer says that right?” you ask in disbelief.

Yes they do. But clearly, not all cars are built equal. Some cars aren’t always going to meet all your daily needs.

Let me take you through 5 things the Nissan X-Trail will do that your average sedan won’t.

No. 1 Seat everyone. And I mean ...

Story by Alvan Sio; Photos courtesey of Tan Chong Motors posted 25 Aug 2015
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It's the 7th Lunar Month, yo. During the 7th month, there's a higher chance of getting into an accident - or so say superstitious people. But if you deploy proper defensive driving techniques, your risks can be minimised all year round - as will your insurance premiums. Don't let offensive drivers dictate how you behave on the roads, stay safer with these 7 tips!

1. Communicate with your fellow drivers

And I don’t mean just with rude gestures! Proper communication begins the moment you step into the driver’s seat. Familiarise yourself with your vehicle’s one and only traffic communications system – the turn signal indicators. As you are moving out from your lot, practice flicking the indicator to let other drivers know you’re coming ...

Posted 24 Aug 2015
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Some say that he’d rather buy a new car than have more kids, and that when he drives under an ERP gantry, his testes light up like a Christmas tree. All we know is, he’s called the Singaporean Driver!

But, as well as being champion grumblers, we are also a pretty superstitious lot. Take the 7th Month Ghost Festival, for example. Most of us will do our level best to avoid these roads over the next 30 days. But there’s more superstitions which apply to our motoring lifestyle and habits in general. Here are seven of them.

#7. Buying or taking delivery of new cars during 7th months

Of course, this falls exactly in line with the general superstition to not start anything new during the 7th lunar month.  According to the Chinese, the gate...

Posted 16 Aug 2015
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5 Haunted Roads To Avoid During 7th Month

Everyone knows someone whose girlfriend’s friend’s other friend’s cousin’s boyfriend’s sister had a ghostly encounter on the road. Indeed, there are some roads, or junctions, that have consistently achieved the dubious honor of being ‘dirty’.

With the Chinese Ghost Festival Month looming (this year’s starts on the 14th August, or this Friday, if you are calendar-challenged), here are some of the “dirtiest” roads in Singapore, where I feel all of us should exercise extreme caution, no matter what time of day or month of the year it is.

Frankly, I find it amazing that for such a small island, we have this many haunted roads … such as:

#1. Yio Chu Kang Road towards Thomson road

One of the roads that crop up again and again during onli...

Posted 10 Aug 2015
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 You've just bought a car. It cost a lot of money. Then there is the COE (don't start me), and if you leave it outside bats and birds will poo on it, haze and rain will smudge it and oily trucks will cover it in grime. Time to clean up.

But taking a bit of care of your new vehicle will do more than just impress the neighbours. If you want to sell or return on lease, the buyer or lease agent will run their fingers over the door frames, up in the wheel wells and under the seats for sure. If they get extremely dirty fingers, it will end up being more costly for you.

So why not do the sensible thing, and invest some time in cleaning properly Here's a few tips.

1) Don't use cheap cleaning fluids or (even worse) washing up liquid.

The more...

Story and Photos by Jeremy Torr posted 4 Aug 2015
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