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If you didn’t already know, the three pointed star has gone on to rename its entire range of cars by the staple sedan offerings – that is it’s going to be C, E and S something.

Replacing the GLK, the new GLC fills the gap between the monstrously huge GLE recently unveiled as well as the smaller GLA that’s based off the A Class hatch.

The second generation of Mercedes’ mid-sized off-roader will go up against the likes of the BMW X3 and Audi Q5 which are popular offerings on our roads.

Creating a distinctive image to set itself apart from competitors, Mercedes has gone with sensual purity and modern aesthetics to soften the appeal and lean over to the “soft-roader” crowd rather than the traditional tough-as-nails theme for the exterior ...

Story and Photos by Alvan Sio posted 29 Jan 2016
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The Singapore Motorshow 2016 will see the launch of some brand new and exciting cars that many have been eagerly awaiting.

We bring you the highlights of what you can expect to see at the motor show so be sure to check out the cars that you’ve been anticipating!

Be sure to check our Singapore Motorshow 2016 page for the latest in prices, deals and various models available for the cars you’re interested in.


Audi A4

The all-new Audi A4 is making its public debut at the motor show.

Having seen it at a media event, we can say it’s going to up the compact executive sedan category a fair bit with its quality interior and latest technology.

Equipped with a 1.4 TFSI engine that makes 150 hp, the A4 is class leading in terms of effi...

Alvan Sio posted 13 Jan 2016
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“How are we going to get there?” my girlfriend likes to ask when we are in the car, belting up for a long drive to yet another super ulu supper destination. For the last 7 years, I have been replying, “Don’t ask me, I just do whatever the GPS tells me!”

Indeed, GPS navigation apps are true blessings for drivers like me. I once spent 20 minutes wandering around the bowels of Raffles Place MRT station because I couldn’t tell which level and which platform to be at. (Confession: I am both colourblind and slightly dyslexic.)

In fact, GPS navigation is the only way I can get around on our island’s beautiful highways these days, without driving around in circles because I keep taking the wrong exits. The endless roadworks that result in U-tu...

Posted 17 Dec 2015
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Cycle and Carriage has announced their newly acquired light commercial vehicle brand, Maxus, during its official launch yesterday.

In partnership with SAIC, a Fortune 500 automaker and China’s largest, C&C aims to target Singapore’s evolving transportation needs where special mobility is concerned.

The partnership recent partnership with the 8th ASEAN Para Games held locally saw C&C provide three Maxus V80 vehicles for transporting VIPs and game officials. A further nod to C&C’s commitment to special mobility came also from the announcement that C&C will donate one unit of the V80 to the Singapore Disability Sports Council.

The Maxus V80 that was launched together with the brand are highly customisable, with several variants including...

Story and Photos by Alvan Sio posted 17 Dec 2015
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Introduction and Exterior
VTEC has always been Honda’s crown jewel, akin to how Audi is synonymous with its Quattro. The first iteration of VTEC engines arrived in 1989, featuring the signature power hike and willingness to scream its head off as the revs climb. Later came the i-VTEC in 2001 that saw the VTEC’s quirk replaced by a more linear power delivery, much to the disappointment of Honda enthusiasts.

In 2015 we welcome the arrival of yet another innovation on this signature nameplate with the VTEC Turbo. The new generation of engines will see the marriage of VTEC and turbocharging, with engine capacities of 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 litres. How does this new engine perform? One of the first cars to receive the new engine, in the hopped up a...

Posted 9 Dec 2015
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The long awaited 4th generation Lexus RX was unveiled at a media event last week.

Since its introduction in 1998, the car has proven to be a huge success amongst those who want luxury and utility wrapped in a single package. The Lexus RX has always been a popular offering on our streets further evidenced by Borneo Motor’s announcement that bookings for new RX have been filled till April 2016.

Being Lexus’ best-selling model worldwide, the new RX features several upgrades over its accomplished predecessor together with radical new styling that has been introduced gradually throughout the Lexus model range. Dubbed L-Finesse – leading edge design and technology applied with finesse – the new RX comes with Lexus’ signature hour glass spind...

Story and Photos by Alvan Sio posted 30 Nov 2015
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Mercedes-Benz has introduced the new GLE Coupe and GLE, taking their renowned off-road prowess to the luxury consumer.

Inspired by the legendary G-Class, the newly christened GLE and GLE Coupe are part of the move by Mercedes to rebrand their model line-up in line with the staple A, C, E and S-Class sedans. Gone is the ML, facelifted and transformed into the so named GLE – and as far as naming conventions go, if the E-Class is bigger than the A-Class, so too is the GLE larger than the existing GLA and so on. Get the new naming concept of Mercedes now?

Said Wolfgang Huppenbaur, President & CEO of Mercedes-Benz Singapore: “The new Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe and GLE offer unparalleled dynamisn, versatility and robustness, true to the Mercede...

Story by Alvan Sio; Photos from Mercedes-Benz posted 30 Nov 2015
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Last week, you learnt 5 Facts About Overtrading Your Car In Singapore. The week before, I revealed 5 Insider’s Perspectives regarding selling your cars to used-car dealers in Singapore. This week, I’m going to be talking about buying a parallel imported car in Singapore.

Or rather, Steven Lim will be talking about it.

As you may know from my previous 2 stories, Steven Lim is a car broker by profession. His job, which is to link up buyers and sellers of cars, lets him transact many more cars a month than I ever can in 10 years, giving him the experience needed to get you a good deal.

With many of us on the hunt for a new car to show off during Chinese New Year (which is less than 3 months away), here’s what he said are our most common ...

Posted 30 Nov 2015
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