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2022 Italjet Dragster 200

Italjet is a motorcycle manufacturer that is based in Bologna, Italy.
OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
22 May 2022

If you’ve ever witnessed a sleeping puppy, you would sometimes see it running and growling in its sleep like a dog that is much larger than its size. This little scooter is pretty close to that, a minimally packaged bike that punches well above its weight.

Italjet is a motorcycle manufacturer that is based in Bologna, Italy. If you find that familiar, it is also the hometown of Ducati, conveniently located just half an hour away. Little wonder that there are striking similarities between this scooter and the bigger bikes. And like the sleeping puppy, it adopts mimicry to tell the world of its sporting intentions.

Nothing prepares you for the moment you see it in the flesh, especially not with the pictures on the internet. Lithe, taut and styled different from any other scooters on the market, it definitely demands attention from the eyes, a little Panigale and a little Transformers (unfortunately, the Michael Bay version). Call it cute and it will punch you in the face. With a lovely steel tube trellis frame integrated with die-cast aluminum plates and patented Independent Steering System (or I.S.S.) – all connected to a new forged aluminum single arm. A mouthful we know, but it all means business, the business of making this scooter handle like a dream.

Slot in the switchblade key, thumb the ignition and you’re greeted by an exhaust note that emits a fruity, sporty burble. Powered by a 18HP single-cylinder, 4 stroke engine with 15.5 Nm of torque at 7750 rpm, this Italjet sports twin-shaft, four-valve units powered by Magneti Marelli electronic injection. What’s interesting is the I.S.S. which separates the job of steering from shock absorption, which smoothens out handling on uneven surfaces. It works and the tradeoff is a suspension strut between your feet and a slightly firmer ride.

The wheels are topped off with a pair of aggressive looking Pirelli Angel Scooter tyres, 120/70 R12 up front and 140/60 R13 taking care of the rear. All these hooked up to the I.S.S. single-arm and hydro-pneumatic adjustable shock absorber and a single hydro-pneumatic shock absorber in the rear, in that sexy shade of red of course.

Braking for small scooters have always been an afterthought – not for this firecracker. Braking duties are handled by Brembo with hydraulic brakes in the front and rear (200mm and 190mm respectively) and it comes with dual channel ABS, Brembo logos and a ton of bragging rights, especially when it sheds speed with ease, responsiveness and lots of feel.

Enough of the specs, how does it ride? Acceleration is rapid, we attribute it to its power and that 112 kg dry weight. The forward riding position makes the bike turn on a dime in town and the relatively long wheelbase gives it some versatility on the highways. One thing is for certain, it eggs you to ride it like a hooligan, with the cleverly shaped floorboard that allows us to flat foot easily without the wide legged stance that you usually adopt on scooters, great news for shorter riders. This gives us lots of confidence to walk the bike around traffic, like a premium kup-kia. However, the downside is a lack of space to put the feet forward when the scooter is on the move.

The Italjet Dragster also comes with a full LED lighting package. Its headlights, tailights and signals are fully LED and very prominent. Turn signals are animated LED, another tell-tale sign of the scooter's luxurious trappings. Strangely, the front turn signals are mounted on the brake lever protectors which means that it will take the brunt of any fall or accidental clips.

The seats are clad with a dimpled, rubberised surface and finished with double-stitched edges. So classy, and thankfully, they work as good as they look, cosseting us throughout our test ride.

Other features include a USB port just below the ignition and a (tiny) underseat compartment – which means you would still have to carry your helmet around.

Servicing is every 6000 km with 0.95l of engine oil and oil filter replacement. Major servicing is at 18000 km.

Priced at a cool S$13,000 machine price, you have got to have the money for the honey. Make no bones about it, the 2022 Italjet Dragster 200 is a purpose-built premium urban sport scooter, but give it a chance and you will find that it has a bark as mean as its bite.


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Credits: TRI333PLE

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