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How does Car Pest Fumigation Help?

Car Pest Fumigation - NEA certified pest fumigation services as part of interior car grooming to get rid of pests like bed bugs and cockroaches. Car grooming pest removal services.
OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
24 Feb 2022
Apart from vacuuming up any carcasses of dead pests that died during fumigation, the vacuuming process is extremely key to a successful car fumigation campaign.

Car Pest Fumigation - While most of us have not encountered a full blown pest infestation in our cars, it isn’t that uncommon to occasionally find cockroaches, bed bugs, and ants in the interior of our cars. When we spot these car pests, it is worrying, as we wonder if these occasional sightings are indicative of a more serious infestation within the unseen parts of our car. To confront the issue, many of us seek out car grooming pest fumigation services in order to get rid of pests and achieve a pest free environment. But how exactly does the pest fumigation process work, and how does it help our cause?

Car Interior Fumigation

Car Pest Fumigation - Usually, when we head to our preferred car groomers, the first step of the car fumigation process is the actual fumigation. The process of fumigation involves filling an enclosed space with gaseous chemicals that fill even the tightest and smallest crevices, in order to agitate and kill pests that may be lurking in the dark corners of your car. In this case, the enclosed space would be your car’s interior. The thing with pest infestations is that even when we aren’t able to physically see any of the pests, there is always the possibility of these critters hiding behind and under seat cushions and interior panels. It is therefore only during the fumigation process that one is usually able to see the extent of the infestation.

The fumigation process is effective for many types of pests, but the most common ones found in Singapore would be cockroaches and ants, with some unlucky car owners encountering bed bug or carpet bug issues. Regardless of the type of pests and where they tend to hide, fumigation does an effective job at entering all the hidden spaces and killing these unwanted pests. It is important to get rid of these pests, as cockroaches spread bacteria when they move around, and can contaminate the interior surfaces in your car, causing you and your family to be susceptible to the bacteria left behind by wandering cockroaches. For bed bugs, they feed off your blood, and can cause nasty bites and cause you to leave blood spots on your upholstery. As for carpet bugs, they actually feed off natural fibres in your car like cotton, latex, and leather, which means that you definitely want to get rid of them as soon as possible, lest they chew a hole through your leather seats.

Vacuum and Debris Removal

Car Pest Fumigation - Apart from vacuuming up any carcasses of dead pests that died during fumigation, the vacuuming process is extremely key to a successful car fumigation campaign. This is because while fumigation helps to kill the pests en masse, it isn’t a 100% hit rate, and there may still be some survivors hiding in the deeper doldrums of your car interior. Vacuuming removes any food particles in the car, effectively removing any food sources that may help these survivors to thrive. These food particles were likely the cause of the infestation in the first place, and should be vacuumed regularly to limit the food supply of our unwanted guests. As such, a good vacuum after an intense fumigation is as important to the process being a sustained success, rather than a recurring problem.

Interior Wipe Down:

Car Pest Fumigation - In the midst of fumigation, some of these pests may die hidden from view, while others might run out and scramble about in your car cabin before dying in the open. Whichever the case, a wipe down of the interior surfaces is usually in order, and it helps greatly if the wipe down is done with antibacterial agents. As mentioned, cockroaches spread bacteria when they crawl around your car, so sanitising the surfaces in your cabin makes a lot of sense.

If you have seen pests in your interior, or suspect that you may have a bigger pest infestation on your hands, Carousell can help you shortlist workshops that are able to exterminate them!


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