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Toyota Specialist Workshops in Singapore - Where To Find Maintenance Services for Your Ride

Find the best Toyota specialist workshops in Singapore - reputable car workshops with a track record of satisfied customers. Transparent pricing and servicing packages.
OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
31 May 2022
If you are driving a Toyota, then you are likely quite invested into maintaining the longevity of the vehicle. When you do keep a vehicle for longer, you’ll eventually want to be able to carry out the necessary engine and gearbox overhauls to maintain smooth operation of the vehicle.

Toyota Specialist Workshops in Singapore - Although Toyotas are fairly common in Singapore, it doesn’t mean that the servicing of your Toyota needs to be done at a generic workshop. Sure, these workshops are perfectly fine if you are looking to perform basic maintenance services such as an engine oil change, but there are so many other aspects of car servicing that one should pay attention to if they want their beloved rides to function well over the years. With Toyota specialist workshops, the impact of them being more brand focused, means that you have access to original parts, and suitable car modification accessories that have been tried and tested.

More importantly, through the knowledge of the workshop over the years, you also gain good insight into common issues encountered by certain models, and can also preemptively service components that may be about to fail based on the track record of other vehicles of the same model. If you have a beloved Toyota but don’t know where to find a suitable car workshop to maintain it, check out our list of Toyota specialist workshops right here in Singapore that provide comprehensive servicing packages, customization services, transparent pricing, and most importantly, a track record of satisfied customers.

Autoworld Care

Kicking off this list is one of Singapore’s fastest growing workshop chains in Singapore. Started in 2015, Autoworld Care already has 4 workshops located in the North, Central, East, and West of Singapore, which means that you’ll find it fairly accessible to get to one of their workshops regardless of where you live.

The interesting part about Autoworld Care is that although they run a full suite of in-house maintenance and repair services such as regular servicing, tyre change / alignment / balancing, engine and gearbox repairs, spray painting, panel beating, as well as insurance claims, they also deal with more lifestyle elements associated with car ownership by being an Official Hankook Masters Flagshop Store, Official Triangle eXperience Flagship Store, Official 3M Authorised Carwash Centre, as well as being the first and only Official Castrol Auto Service Flagship Chain in Singapore. Aside from that, Autocare World also boasts the largest Pirelli Performance Centre in Singapore, ensuring that you have access to an extremely comprehensive list of car repair, maintenance, and car lifestyle services.

Check out their full list of services here.

Dynamic Mechanics

Dynamics Mechanic (DM) is a fully well-equipped state-of-the-art garage conveniently located in the North of Singapore that is equipped to serve all makes and models, but have a wide range of Toyota based services such as engine and transmission overhauls - which are particularly useful if your ride of choice is an older, COE Toyota.

Aside from that, Dynamics Mechanic advocates a more dynamic driving experience, and on the lifestyle front, has a catalogue inclusive of several specs and colours of its renowned "FORCE" Big Brake Kit that is known for its safety, performance and quality. For performance nerds, Dynamic Mechanics also offers a performance coilover that features a damping adjustment of up to 24 levels by GECKO Racing as well.

Check out their full list of services here.

Westpoint Automotive

Westpoint Automotive is a 5 star rated merchant on Carousell, and is one of the most reputable workshops in the West of Singapore when it comes to their core business of car servicing and maintenance and have qained quite the following when it comes to wheel and tyre related services. In fact, they have some of the most reasonable prices in town, with regularly held promotions for their flow forged rim and tyre bundles. The best part is that Westpoint Automotive houses one of the largest workshops in Singapore, and is stocked with a massive array of rim designs for you to choose from - ensuring that whatever your tastes, you’ll be able to find something aesthetically pleasing as you drive off in style.

Apart from tyre related services, Westpoint Automotive also provides car servicing and maintenance services, with easy to choose oil change packages at different price points depending on the brand and type of engine oil you prefer. While dropping your car off at Westpoint Automotive for servicing, there are also car detailing packages that you can bundle together with your servicing packages which then helps you to reduce your downtime without a car as well.

Check out their full list of services here.

HK Automotive

Car servicing can mean many different things for different people. While there are some of us who are a little more fancy with our car maintenance regimes, there are plenty of others who approach car servicing in a fuss free manner. In fact, there are many Toyota drivers out there who purchase their vehicle for the workhorse that it is, and simply want high quality engine oil to keep things running smoothly, along with the periodical checks that are carried out during servicing.

For these sort of direct and no-frills servicing appointments, HK Automotive is an extremely popular choice among those who live in the West, as their service packages include an oil change using Liqui Moly or OWS products, oil filter change and 21-point check. Also, from what we observe from some of the positive reviews on Carousell, sometimes a courtesy car wash is thrown in, too. Moreover, there is also feedback that HK Automotive are quick on the job, and get the servicing done in a timely and efficient manner, which means less downtime for you as a driver.

Check out their full list of services here.

TT Motorsports

Another 5 star rated merchant on Carousell, TT Motorsports is another car servicing workshop that will have you covered for all your car’s wear and tear needs. In fact, it has one of the most reasonably priced Toyota Automatic Transmission Fluid changes on the market, which is a crucial step in maintaining smooth and reliable operation of your car’s automatic transmission. TT Motorsports also carries AMSOIL as part of their car engine oil lineup, and is one of the most reputable and sought after engine oils on the market.

As mentioned earlier, if you are driving a Toyota, then you are likely quite invested into maintaining the longevity of the vehicle. When you do keep a vehicle for longer, you’ll eventually want to be able to carry out the necessary engine and gearbox overhauls to maintain smooth operation of the vehicle. Thankfully, TT Motorsports is one of those workshops that is able to do exactly that, with specialised services dedicated to the overhaul or replacement of engines, transmissions, and clutches.

Check out their full list of services here.

88 Auto

Located in Macpherson, 88 Auto is a car servicing workshop that has a strong customer base coming back to them for aircon servicing, shock absorber replacement, and high quality engine oil change as well as automatic transmission fluid change. This is reflected in their product lineup, where they utilise AMSOIL, a highly reputable engine oil, as well as their 5 star merchant rating on Carousell, which is testament to the many happy customers they have gathered over the years.

Aside from offering good quality products in their lineup, many of 88 Auto’s reviews seem to point towards the punctuality and efficiency of the workshop, with numerous customers sharing how their servicing was done in a timely and punctual manner - something which would be important to a Singaporean’s busy schedule. 88 Auto is also credited for being extremely knowledgeable while delivering high levels of customer service.

Check out their full list of services here.


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