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Workshop vs Mobile Car Grooming Singapore - 6 Options to Consider

Workshop vs Mobile Car Grooming Singapore - Highly recommended car washing, car grooming, paint protection, and mobile car grooming services to consider  
OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
28 Feb 2022
Combine this with the tightly packed road setups, investing in window coatings that help to ensure high levels of visibility during sudden downpours could be a prudent and well advised one.

Workshop vs Mobile Car Grooming Singapore - There are plenty of reasons to extend some TLC toward your car in the form of car washing and car grooming services. However, with the myriad of options available today, including some pretty impressive mobile car grooming services, it can get pretty confusing to decide which service is best for your needs. Read on to find out what we think are some of the best car grooming services available in Singapore.

Wicleansoon (Mobile Car Grooming Service)

Wicleansoon is a mobile grooming service that is available islandwide, that has a strong focus on car polishing, interior disinfection, and pest management. Their car grooming services are booked through whatsapp, which means that you don’t need to download a dedicated app in order to utilise Wicleansoon’s car grooming services.

What is interesting is that there is an extensive list of packages where you are able to get different types of services paired with each other - and because there are so many different combinations, you’ll definitely be able to find something that suits your specific cleaning needs. Some of their key grooming services include Anti-Bacterial Steam Deep Treatment, Exterior Spa, Pest Removal, Stain & Spill Removal, Car Polishing, and Ceramic Coating.

Prices are also extremely transparent on the Wicleansoon website, so you’ll be able to get a good idea of how much you’ll end up paying for the various car grooming services available. Where it comes to interior disinfection, Wicleansoon are no doubt one of the more legitimate services out there as Wicleansoon is also an NEA certified company, and actually also carries out disinfection services related to COVID-19 for homes and businesses, where their list of cleaning agents meet regulatory requirements for the disinfection of COVID-19.

For these reasons, Wicleansoon would be our top pick for mobile interior disinfection services.

Check out their Carousell profile here.

The Autobots (Mobile Car Grooming Service)

The Autobots is a mobile car grooming service that has a primary focus on end-to-end detailing, which means that most of their packages are comprehensive, covering a large amount of grooming tasks for an extremely reasonable price. With more than 800 positive reviews on Carousell and a 5 Star Rating, it is a real testament to the level and quality of car grooming services provided.

If a heap of positive reviews aren’t enough, check out their services on Carousell, where you’ll find that even their base package involves 6 - 9 hours of backbreaking work which include things like Exterior Wash, Chemical Rim Wash, Rim Sealand, Exterior Plastic Trim Care, Clay Bar Treatment, Paint Correction, Polish Seal, and Ceramic Coating.

The best part, all that costs only $338 - Pretty amazing for a mobile grooming service. Their flagship package which costs $668 involves even more work put into your car, with the same attention to detail being extended to the interior of your car as well. Oh, did we mention, The Autobots is also a Sonax Certified Detailer & Team Member, which means that their arsenal of products are 100% from Sonax, which is one of the most reputable lines of car cleaning equipment and products from Germany.

For these reasons, The Autobots would be our top pick for mobile full-service packages that cover all bases.

Check out their Carousell Profile here.

Kar_Detail (Mobile Car Grooming Service)

Another Sonax Certified Detailer with a slew of 5 Star reviews on Carousell, kar_detail is another mobile grooming service where 100% of the products used are from renowned car detailing brand Sonax from Germany. Although also offering an extremely detailed list of services within their packages, kar_detail offers more flexibility in your choice of car grooming needs, breaking down the interior and exterior car grooming services into different packages that start from just $118 for interior grooming and $138 for exterior grooming.

To round off these packages, kar_detail also offers optional add on services, which may appeal to some car owners, but perhaps not everyone. By making these services optional add ons, kar_detail allows consumers to keep their car grooming goals specific, and their costs lower when needed.

If you’re in for the full shebang of car grooming services available, kar_detail also offers a Ceramic Coating package which fields an extensive list of car grooming tasks, and includes some attractive freebies such as free headlight and taillight coating, free windscreen coating, and a complimentary maintenance wash further down the line.

For these reasons, kar_detail would be our pick for flexible mobile interior and exterior car grooming packages.

Check out their Carousell Profile here.

Performance Autostyle (Mobile Car Grooming Service)

Performance Autostyle is a mobile car grooming service that has a strong focus on hand-applied Nano 10H Ceramic Coating services, which essentially brings out an intense shine, giving your car paintwork desirable hydrophobic properties, and generally helps to protect your paintwork from the external elements.

Performance Autostyle offers a basic hybrid ceramic coating wash and shine package at just $38, along with a good range of premium hand-applied ceramic coating packages.

A typical 10 step hand-applied ceramic coating package which covers a decent amount of ground on the exterior and interior starts at just $88, and their comprehensive and the detailed 14 step hand-applied ceramic coating package cost just $280, which is decently priced in our honest opinion.

Although less comprehensive, do check out the $88 package which could be utilised as a very good maintenance mechanism in your car grooming regime that is cost effective, and highly recommend to be utilised quarterly. As paint correction cannot be done so often, it is thoughtful that the $88 package does not include paint correction steps - so if your car’s paintwork is in decent condition, you could potentially save quite a bit by not having to pay for the additional paint correction, which is typically the most costly portion of exterior grooming packages.

For the above reasons, Performance Autostyle would be our pick for cost effective maintenance car grooming packages

Check out their Carousell Profile here.

Gleam Auto (Mobile Car Grooming Service)

There are plenty of car groomers out there who provide ceramic coating services to achieve hydrophobic qualities, restore paintwork shin, and provide paintwork protection - but Gleam Auto goes one step further by offering graphene based coatings, which is a premium coating that is seen as a step up from ceramic coatings, with key advantages such as being less prone to water spotting, an easier application process, and is arguably a more durable coating / sealant.

Apart from being one of the few mobile car grooming services that offer such a high grade of paintwork coating, Gleam Auto also provides the more standard ceramic coating services that you’ll find more commonly on the market - but even then, Gleam auto employs the use of System X’s range of ceramic coating products, which are one of the most reputable brands in the market, even used in the maritime and aviation industries, as well as being the product of choice on the car customisation series “West Coast Customs”.

Apart from fancy paint protection technology, Gleam Auto also offers services such as polishing and paint protection, interior cleaning and detailing, car exterior wash, and pest fumigation.

For these reasons, Gleam Auto is our pick if you are looking for that little extra oomph in your car protection and want to explore graphene coatings as a more premium coating option.

Check out their Carousell Profile here.

Lambency Detailing (Workshop Car Grooming Service)

Lambency detailing is an established workshop based car grooming services that is certified by the International Detailing Association (IDA) and are also certified partners for Sonax products which are 100% made in Germany, Diamon-Fusion International glass sealants, and Karcher detailing appliances. Combining products from these commercial partners, Lambency Detailing is a one-stop, full service car grooming specialist that provides a full suite of exterior and interior grooming services, with varying package prices that go across basic levels of car grooming to their flagship levels of car grooming.

What is interesting about Lambency Detailing, aside from their expertise in car grooming, is their focus on window coasting, which is something that only a select group of detailers specialise in. Using Diamon-Fusion’s renowned range of window coatings, think of the process as a similar one to ceramic coating on your paintwork, but for your car windows.

Typically this may not be an area of focus for many car owners, but the hydrophobic and rain repelling qualities of such a coating is actually very relevant for a place like Singapore where we experience frequent bouts of quick and intense showers. Combine this with the tightly packed road setups, investing in window coatings that help to ensure high levels of visibility during sudden downpours could be a prudent and well advised one.

For these reasons, Lambency Detailing is our pick for those who desire a one-stop car detailing workshop, with a specialisation in window coating technology.

Check out their Carousell Profile here.


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