Audi TT Roadster 2.0 TFSI Review: A Hairdresser's Car...NOT!

Audi TT Roadster 2.0 TFSI Review: A Hairdresser's Car...NOT!

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
25 Jul 2007

Inside It

With the exception of the fabric roof and the deletion of the rear seats, the interior of the TT Roadster is near identical to that of the TT coupe. The leather-clad supportive sport seats and the flat-bottomed leather-bound steering wheel complement each other to provide the driver with a truly sporty driving experience.

Choice materials are used throughout the cabin while the fit and finish are superb. It’s no surprise to learn that Audi is the best in the business when it comes to the interior.

Being longer and wider (137mm and 78mm to be specific) than its predecessor has given the TT Roadster a much-needed larger boot that now has a capacity of 250 litres.

Driving It

Likewise with the TT coupe, the Roadster’s body is manufactured using the Audi Space Frame technology. Its composite structure, comprising of 58 per cent aluminium and 42 per cent steel, manages to reduce the nose-heavy feel of the original TT coupe and Roadster, at the same time enhancing the nimbleness of the new models.

The only reinforcements required for the transformation of the TT into a roadster is in the side sills – where extruded aluminium sections are used, A-pillars and the windscreen frame. Despite these, the TT Roadster with the 2.0-litre TFSI engine only weighs 35kg heavier than the equivalent coupe, making for a total of 1,295kg.

On the road, the slight weight deficit thankfully does not blunt the performance much, the TT Roadster taking just 0.1 second longer (6.5 seconds versus the coupe’s 6.4 seconds) to hit 100km/h from a standstill and 3km/h slower running at full steam (237km/h versus the coupe’s 240km/h).

The power unit is extremely tractable, pulling cleanly from just off idle all the way to the redline, at the same time emitting a grin-inducing soundtrack like no other four-cylinder can.

Mated to the engine is the S-tronic (Audi-speak for DSG) gearbox that shifts crisply and quickly from ratio to ratio, punctuating each gearchange with a just perceptible boom from the exhaust. With the hood stowed and driving in the CTE tunnel, it’s almost a sin not to indulge in this blood-curling mechanical symphony to the fullest.

The TT Roadster simply goes where it is pointed, turning in sharply into corners and its sizeable rubbers – shod on optional 18-inch alloys – gripping the road tenaciously. The body rigidity certainly impresses, with no evidence of scuttle shakes even on less-than-smooth road surfaces.

When thrown too hard into a corner, the Roadster simply understeers slightly, shrugs its broad shoulders and gets back onto its task.

Its glam appearance can be easily spoiled by switching off the ASR – press the ESP button – and giving the gas pedal the boot. The ensuring wheelspin is bound to get you all the attention you crave if the captivating exterior of the TT Roadster fails to do so.

The well-constructed fabric roof does a good job of insulating the occupants from the elements as well as road noise. Roof down, the standard-fit wind deflector reduces a significant amount of wind buffeting in the cabin.

Even at three-figure speeds, carrying a conversation with the passenger is no longer a voice-raising task.

Priced at , the Audi TT Roadster is undoubtedly an extremely attractive proposition for those seeking a premium convertible. Not only is the Roadster stylish to look at but it is now also fun to pilot down the winding roads.

Instead of being just yet another hairdresser’s car, the TT Roadster now throws down a very heavy gauntlet to the usual German suspects in this segment.

$203,000 including COE

Credits: CK Lim. Photos by Amery Reuben and Andy Hum

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