BMW 3 Series Sedan 335i Review: New look, new lease of life - will the throne remain?

BMW 3 Series Sedan 335i Review: New look, new lease of life - will the throne remain?

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
15 Oct 2008

BMW was kind enough to let us sample the improved 330d variant along the same test route in Munich. And on that note, I’d have to say it’s as equally impressive as the petrol-driven 335i - but strangely, the 330d displays a driving experience that seems more fun.

Why, you ask?

The 2,993cc all-aluminium diesel engine with variable geometry turbocharger mated to a slick-shifting 6-speed manual transmission, produces a healthy 231bhp. Unlike other diesel powerplants, the one seen in the 330d enjoys being stretched all the way to its redline. True, it feels a tad sluggish down the low rev range initially, but once you get the momentum going past 2,200rpm, it displays a surprising level of performance that contradicts most diesels. It also helps that the 330d has one of the slickest manual transmission available – it doesn’t require much effort to shift between gears, and the clutch is properly weighted. On the B-roads, it displays its eager side – need to overtake? Just shift down a gear and it will pull away strongly and safely.

Refinement level is respectable. The diesel clatter, although still present, is kept at the barest minimum – so much so there were moments I totally forgot that what I’m driving here is a diesel-powered car.

Now, if the authorities will be kind enough to revise the taxation on diesel-powered cars in Singapore, BMW should consider adding this variant into its product line-up.

Credits: Story by Azfar Hashim, pictures by Azfar Hashim and Kevin Limjoco reporting from Munich, Germany

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