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BMW iX3 M Sport Impressive Review: Second Take Success

The iX3 deservingly receives an update that elevates it to current standards whilst maintaining the perfect combination of traits that so propelled it to OneShift's 2021 Car of the Year status
OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
31 Jan 2022
The iX3 receives an update that elevates it to current standards - one that it truly deserves - whilst maintaining the perfect combination of traits that so propelled it to OneShift's 2021 Car of the Year status
What we like:
Changes add a modern and contemporary touch to the iX3
whilst the new-standard M Sport package sharpens up its overall stance for greater road presence
What we dislike:
Not much really

It only felt like a short time ago that the BMW iX3 was crowned as the top runner in our 2021 Car of the Year awards. But yet, less than 6 months after its official launch, BMW has already given its iX3 a facelift. Launched alongside the iX which we reviewed earlier this month, one may or may not – depending on how acute your observation skills are – be able to distinguish this LCI model (life cycle impulse, BMW’s speak for mid-cycle facelift) apart from its predecessor. On the onset, it seems like this round of changes is mostly cosmetic – but is it enough for the iX3 to retain the top spot?

What has changed?

Not much, to be honest. The iX3 has received the exact updates as its ICE brethren, with M Sport trim now coming as standard. On the front, the iX3 now sports a slightly enlarged kidney grille with a similar dimpled pattern found on the BMW i4 and a subtle ‘i’ badge to signal its EV-credentials.

The Beemer’s light clusters have been given an update all-round – with slimmed down and newly styled LEDs, both with a more angular design to it. BMW i’s signature blue accents remain, and coupled with ever so slightly more aggressive M Sport bumpers and a set of redesigned M-specific aerodynamic wheels, we think that these changes have sharpened the iX3’s stance.

The blue theme carries over to the interior – and in our current conservation-conscious environment, I daresay that one could possibly feel a sense of pride adorning them whilst mixing it up in traffic. The LCI iX3’s cockpit now matches the updated X3, 3-Series and 4-Series – its cabin has now been treated with a slightly enlarged central 12.3 inch iDrive display and reworked central controls and air-conditioning cluster, providing the modern and contemporary touch it deserves.

Power remains the same, with the iX3 retaining its capable 282 bhp, 400 Nm e-motor powering its rear wheels. Range comes in at the claimed 450-459 km, with real world tests providing a figure just north of 400 km.

Does it still deserve the 2021 Car of the Year award?

We liked the iX3 because it was all things to all people – decently priced, practical, well built and engaging to drive – and it has most certainly retained all of those qualities with some nip-tuck to boot.

In true BMW fashion, it tackles bends with great precision and proved to be agile for an SAV of its heft and size. We also enjoyed its simulated engine note – the Hans Zimmer-composed BMW IconicSounds – as a great compliment to its driving experience. Though best left to personal preference, we never found it intrusive, and found ourselves leaving it ‘Sport’ mode for most of the time.

The four energy recuperation settings available (low, medium, high and adaptive) are straightforward to use and offer good flexibility according to one’s driving style, or depending on how comfortable one is with the regenerative braking effects that are typical of EVs.

Whilst its cabin may (still) not be a large departure from that of its ICE counterparts, with some saying they are hard-pressed to tell the difference – apart from a touch of blue applied throughout – we think that there is comfort found in this familiarity. This is exactly what enables the iX3 to excel in easing the transition to EV ownership for the everyday driver.

Although it is now priced at $2000 more than its equivalent M Sport ICE variant, we still think it represents excellent value, considering the significant savings in running costs, that an EV provides. Moreover, the iX3’s growing waiting list serves as a strong testament to its competitive pricing.

The BMW may not be able to match face-ripping acceleration of the Tesla, nor the extreme levels of insulation the Mercedes-Benz EQC offers, but being based on a regular X3, the iX3 makes EV ownership ever more palatable to the individual who might be contemplating the switch. Its ability to balance these traits and now with slightly modern updates has made it no less of a compelling reason to go electric and solidifies its standing as OneShift’s 2021 Car of the Year.

Credits: Words by Joel Foo; Photos by Horizon Drivers' Club

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