BMW M2 Coupé (G87) Review: Grown Up Baby M Is a Phytigal Experience

BMW M2 Coupé (G87) Review: Grown Up Baby M Is a Phytigal Experience

James Wong
James Wong
01 Oct 2023
The M2 is a beautifully engineered RWD coupe with an incredible amount of power.
What we like:
Superb grip
Insane power
What we dislike:
The digital side of the car requires more effort from the driver to unravel the car's character fully

What in the world does ‘phygital’ mean and why do we see it all the time now? Yes, even in this review?

Well, it simply means an intersection of the physical and digital worlds. Yep, I don’t like the word either, but it seems like a trendy way to aptly describe the M2 Coupé.

After obliterating the track at Chang International Circuit in Buriram, we were keen to see how the rabid M2 would fare on our ‘sanitised’ roads.

Like a focused animal looking for prey, the M2 quite literally is a rather intense experience. Even in its most comfortable settings, it feels alert and taut. In that sense, it’s very much a physical experience.

There is slightly less complication with the M2 versus the M4, and one of the chief reasons why is that the M2 is purely rear wheel drive. This, in my book, is a plus, as the M2 feels easier to read, with less electronics to cloud one’s connection with the road.

Its shorter wheelbase also helps give a more compact feel, but the M2 feels like a shrunken M4 rather than a true spiritual successor to the 1M. What this means is that the M2 has more ability, but some of its youthful abandon is gone. The upside is that the M2 is probably more capable for a long distance drive and also has more room overall.

But the main thing I wondered about is what the car precisely is versus what its electronics try to demonstrate to me. Therein lies the digital aspect of the car, which requires the driver to dig a little deeper to find the true soul of the M2.

A couple of days later, I think I got the answer. The M2 is a beautifully engineered RWD coupe with an incredible amount of power. Its damping is world-class, easily matching what one can find in a much more expensive supercar. You can feel the countless hours put into tuning the car’s ride to perfection.

The engine feels robust and keen to produce more power than what its makers intended from the factory, which definitely means there’s huge potential. It’ll do daily duties just fine with more on-tap power than you can ever ask for, yet has a huge power reserve that’s best for chasing lap times at Sepang.

Its handling is unflappable and, unless you search for it, the M2 rarely goes out of line. It reigns in any slide with precision and is an absolute weapon in the right hands. If you so desire for the rear to break loose, stand down the electronics and you will find a feisty car that relishes maximising grip and then breaking traction in equal measure.

Is the M2 Coupé a good car? It sure is. But you just have to get used to the phytigal experience, and like an onion you need to peel several layers to reveal the truth underneath.


Will there be a G87 M2 CS?
Most definitely.

Where is the G87 M2 made?
Would you believe - Mexico!

What is the top speed of the BMW G87 M2?
Officially restricted to 250 km/h, but derestricted it can do 285 km/h.

Will the G87 M2 have xDrive?
There is a possibility that it will be offered based on its chassis, but for now it’s purely RWD.

Is the BMW G87 M2 twin turbo?
Yep, with the familiar S58 twin-turbo I6 engine.

Photos by New Gen Marketing


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