Chevrolet Epica 2.0 Review: Of Epic Proportions... Part II

Chevrolet Epica 2.0 Review: Of Epic Proportions... Part II

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
20 Sep 2007

Now, the interesting question is, should you plump for one over the technically equivalent Nissan Cefiro that has an $8k premium over the Epica?

For that money, the inline-four Cefiro still has a little edge, if you’re the sort who puts your money on the badge. Get adventurous then, and the Epica has plenty going for it - like the extra pair of cylinders for a kick off.

It is creamy smooth, punchy and refined, but need to prod the accelerator a little to extract the full 144bhp. But amidst all that smoothness, we just wish the engine and gearbox response can be improved upon – there is noticeable during downshifts in an effort to keep up with rush hour traffic.

It has reassuring brakes, which really helped when yours truly had to execute an emergency brake and evade manoeuvre along the ECP (thanks to a middle-age female driver in her Altis who decided to slam on her brakes, then cut three lanes across to take the Marine Vista exit!)

In A Nutshell

“Not too flashy”, “cavernous boot”, “huge interior”, “smooth” and “feature packed”. More importantly, “super value for money”.

Curiously, these are the words that surface when thinking of the Epica.

It is a nice car to drive, and is Chevrolet’s first large sedan to be introduced into our local market. We’re sure the Epica won’t be the last either. It might be a little too slow to jump on the executive sedan bandwagon, but hey, no one said anything about being fashionably late.

The Camry’s a common sight, while the Cefiro is beginning to look dated, and the Accord is on the verge of demise (while waiting for the replacement to arrive here next year that is). The addition of the Epica makes one more new car for the buyer immersed in this market segment to look at, and just maybe, to commit to.

Credits: Text and Photos by Azfar Hashim

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