Chevrolet Optra Magnum 1.6 Review: Chevy Optra..MAGNUM?

Chevrolet Optra Magnum 1.6 Review: Chevy Optra..MAGNUM?

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
15 Sep 2007

It beeps louder and more ear-piercingly than even the most vile and profane of angry ex-girlfriends or their fuming mad moms. It is also as temperamental as some of those could be, shrieking continuously when there is not even a single obstacle in your proximity for a good ten metres, and keeping quiet when there really was a wall or another car. Almost as if the parking sensors could not wait to sabotage your day.

Even though most of you might argue that it is easily changeable, it still brings to me an important thought: Is there still a good level of care and consideration for the customers? I mean, if you had to lose your sense of hearing just so you could park the car properly…

Why buy?

So on the whole, with a commendable level of practicality, styling and a price tag of SGD $57,800, it does seem to be good value for money. If more space is needed, the Optra Magnum Estate is another decent choice, too, at SGD $59,800 (both prices inclusive of COE).

Just remember not to check the parking sensor option (ed. alternatively do make sure that your friendly Chevrolet dealer corrects any potential "loudness" should you buy this car); the mother-in-law will do just fine.

Credits: Text by Andy Hum. Photos by Amery Reuben

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