Do all, for all

Do all, for all

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
12 Jan 2015
What we like:
Comfortable ride despite the suspension being tuned for cargo. DSG transmission transforms the driving experience completely.
What we dislike:

From a business perspective, both load lugging capacity and fuel economy are high on the list of considerations. And the Caddy’s 1.6-litre seems to enjoy the best of both. While its horsepower is a modest 102bhp, torque is a useful 250Nm from 1,500rpm. But like most diesels, the narrow torque band only extends to 2,500rpm.

However when coupled with the 7-speed DSG box, the Caddy is able to augment the torque quickly and effectively. The van feels tractable whenever the rev needle hits the sweet spot in the rev range. Even with a significant load in the back, the humble powerplant continues to provide robust acceleration at the lights.

On the road, the lack of insulation is obvious and road noise seems magnified within the empty confines of the cargo area.

Commercial vehicles are generally harder sprung for the heavy loads they carry but ride comfort in the Caddy isn’t significantly impacted by the harder suspension and continues to be within comfortable limits. Even with an empty cargo area, the Caddy is still able to modulate road imperfections reasonably well.

With a claimed consumption figure of 17.5km/L, the Caddy is among the most efficient and will give over a 1,000km from its 60 litre tank.


While commercial vehicles aren’t traditionally associated with the driving comfort of passenger cars, the Caddy Maxi breaks the mould with a driving experience that reflects the same quality and comfort of other models in the Volkswagen range.

Although available in a 5-speed manual, we would happily hand over the extra $4,500 for the driving comfort the 7-speed DSG offers.

Credits: Story and Photos by Benjamin G. Kline

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