Editors Picks - Talk Of The Town - Volkswagen Touareg & Tiguan

Editors Picks - Talk Of The Town - Volkswagen Touareg & Tiguan

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
25 Feb 2020

The SUV ownership has increased, especially in recent years. Rugged, a little taller, and always seemingly brimming with a sense of adventure, not only do they stand out in the crowd, but they are incredibly practical too!

There are SUVs, and there are those which are that bit more special…

Volkswagen Tiguan

Compact, chic and versatile. The Volkswagen Tiguan is the German manufacturer’s mid-tier offering in their SUV range. For those who are considering making the switch from a sedan to an SUV, the Tiguan drives incredibly car-like. After-all, Volkswagen knows a thing or two about handling… They are the makers of the iconic Golf GTi

And guess what? Tiguan is built on the very same vehicular architecture the iconic hot hatch is built upon!

The Volkswagen Tiguan is powered by a 1.4 litre turbocharged engine, which is paired to a quick-shifting 6-speed DSG gearbox. Engineered to provide an entertaining drive, the Tiguan’s 147bhp, and 250Nm of torque delivers especially well, in low to mid-range overtaking.

Its interior features high-quality materials, and buttons with a pleasant feel to them. Taking centre stage on the dash, their Discover Pro infotainment system fronted by a 9.2” screen, which pairs to both Apple CarPlay and Google's Android Auto devices, ensures ease of connectivity.

In ensuring that information for the driver is readily available and customisable when displayed, a 10.25” Active Info Display instrument panel, can even switch from a traditional layout, to a simplified one.

Rear seats which can be rolled forward, up to 18cm adds to the Tiguan’s cargo-carrying versatility. While the Volkswagen Tiguan is compact in size, boot space at 615 litres impressively trumps some larger luxury SUVs.

An adjustable boot floor also means that you need worry less about space, when the Tiguan is filled with passengers… and when in the need for even more cargo room, the rear seats fold in 40:20:40 fashion, providing you with 1,665 litres! Think about golf, think about transporting a ladder… think about IKEA!

Volkswagen Touareg

The Volkswagen Touareg is the German brand’s flagship SUV. Built utilising the group’s proven, rigid MLBevo architecture, the Touareg is something rather special in current-day automotive offerings. Winner of the Oneshift Car of the Year 2019 award for Best Executive SUV, the Touareg exceeded expectations, in how it delivered.

Designed to compete against traditional brand Executive SUVs, the Touareg delivers comparable frills, ride comfort, handling and quality.

At a glance, you can tell that the Touareg’s styling is never overstated. Its large grille design, which feeds into the non-dazzle intelligent ‘IQ.Light’ LED matrix headlights, together with breathers for its air-curtains on the bumper; lends to its impressive road-presence. Twenty-inch rims, standard on the ‘Atmosphere’ and ‘Elegance’ trim cars, and twenty one-inch wheels on the R-Line model fit proportionately within their wheel arches.

The Volkswagen Touareg R-Line is especially nimble, thanks to its All-Wheel Steering, which allows you to maneuver out of tight spaces with ease of that usually found in a smaller car, by having the rear wheels steer in the opposite direction at slower speeds. The same rear-steering wheels turn in the same direction as those in the front at high speeds when overtaking, for optimum stability, similar to a larger vehicle.

Under the hood, a smooth-spinning 3.0 litre turbocharged V6, delivers its drive via an 8-speed automatic. Paired with Volkswagen’s Permanent all-wheel drive (4MOTION), distribution of drive to all its wheels, ensures optimum grip, even in challenging situations. Its selectable traction modes, and adjustable air-suspension (which also evens out the ride), also means that the Touareg is easily at home on-road, as it is off-the-beaten-path. The R-Line model also benefits further with Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC), for a more dynamic driving experience.

From an insulated windscreen which not only keeps the heat out, but external noises too; to almost armchair-like ventilated ‘ergoComfort’ electric front seats.; the Touareg delivers an exceptionally comfortable ride.

The Volkswagen Touareg R-Line also offers an immersive audio experience, from its ‘Dynaudio Consequence’ 13-speaker sound system, powered by a 16-channel digital amplifier. Controls to the system, and many of the car’s functions are done through what Volkswagen calls it’s Innovision Cockpit. This features a generously-sized customisable 15” touch screen display, which takes centre stage on the dash. The system also offers both Apple CarPlay and Google's Android Auto connectivity. For the driver, a Digital Cockpit featuring a 12.3” digital display, provides optimum clarity while driving.

Passengers at the rear ride in similar comfort, and benefit from heaps of legroom. Centralised air-conditioning vents with individual climate control settings, adds to passenger comfort.

One of the reasons why SUVs are popular, is because they are versatile; and the Touareg shines when it comes to its luggage swallowing ability.

With 810 litres available on normal days, it can easily accommodate baggage from a family of four. Fold down the 40:20:40 rear seatbacks, and 1,800 litres of hauling space is made available.

The air suspension on the R-Line model also can be further lowered by 40mm at the rear for easier loading and unloading.

Large on luxury, and with premium build quality, The Volkswagen Touareg simply delivers.

But while I may be singing their praises, the best way to get acquainted with both the Volkswagen Tiguan and Touareg, is for a test drive!

Head down to the Volkswagen showroom to have an experience with the Tiguan and Touareg today!

Check out the full range of Volkswagen cars here!

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