Lotus Elise 111S Review: Roadster mayhem with this one!

Lotus Elise 111S Review: Roadster mayhem with this one!

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
18 Jan 2007
So who will buy it?

I would. I would buy this car in a flash if I had the $188,000 for it. Trackday fans are likely to crave a little more in the high end just to keep up with the big boys on the straightaway, but for road use I'd hazard that the S is the best Elise to date.

Hell, it’ll even do 200km/h on the highways when called for! The Solar Yellow paintwork is to die for, and is the lustful colour that I’ve been searching for all my automotive life.

This car is a serious rival to cars like the MX-5 and Audi TT, and it will outperform them in any corner, any given day. My take on this is, if you haven’t experienced what a Lotus is, then you’ve wasted your life away.

Go on and have a drive in one of these cars. After that, I can’t be held responsible for that smug smile that takes shape on your face everytime you hit a tight cornered, entrance ramp of the expressway at twice the legal speed.

Photos Courtesy of Wang Xiaochong


Credits: Amery Reuben

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