Mercedes-Benz C 200 Kompressor Review: The Antithesis

Mercedes-Benz C 200 Kompressor Review: The Antithesis

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
13 Sep 2007

Needless to say, the steering-chassis combination works well. While we didn’t get the suspect with adaptive suspension that stiffens everything according to driver pattern and attitude of the car, the C is comfortable enough to ensure the solidity of Panacotta served fresh out on a flat plate – not as firm and direct as that of a BMW’s, but certainly not as uncomfortable!

This car completes the century dash in a decent 9 seconds, where a top speed of 230km/h was attainable, but barely.

Why buy?

Easy. In the past, those looking towards having a Mercedes in their garage did so more out of gaining respect and a status symbol. Times are changing, and so are the cars of Mercedes. This C-Class is aimed at the younger crowd, and Mercedes hopes that it will put the BMW 3-series in the hot seat, especially with the sportier Avantgarde (car pictured on the left) image.

It has a boastful list of options and equipment. Amongst many, you get a speed sensitive power steering that doesn’t really do much to weight the entire thing up, but consequently leaving the enthusiastic driver with a rather numb, slightly detached feel to it.

Then there are rain sensing wipers, cruise control, electric seats with a memory package, a Bluetooth interface for safe, in car mobile communication and believe it or not, a cooling device for petrol!

Having said that, this car will never be a BMW, and rightfully so, for its price tag of $156,000 and above (options vary) already puts it far ahead of the 320i’s basic price of $139,800.

Perhaps fairer comparison would stem from an identical performing, 177hp 2.5 litre BMW 323i that retails from $158,800.

So while the C might appeal to executives in their late twenties, we can’t deny that they will ultimately pick the Mercedes, not because it is a hard fight with the BMWs, but rather, because it is a car in it’s own right.

While you wouldn’t bring this to Sepang as might be the case with the latter, you can’t deny that the Mercedes will be the car that completes the balance between comfort, status, and performance for the everyday driver who knows, and wants to show, that he has made the cut.

Credits: Text and Photos by Amery and Andy Hum

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