Mercedes-Benz C-Class Saloon C200 Avantgarde Review: C-Class act

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Saloon C200 Avantgarde Review: C-Class act

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
12 Aug 2014
What we like:
Elegant S-Class inspired design both inside and out. Sporty driving dynamics while remaining a comfortable cruiser using its AGILITY SELECT feature.
What we dislike:
Engine is a tad loud at idle when observed from outside the cabin. But is effectively muted within the cabin

The new car is very willing to change direction while the electric rack responds swiftly to your input with accuracy though it lacks any proper weight for it to be thoroughly enjoyable. Despite that, the car is well-balanced on the edge and even allows for some slip when exiting a corner before the ESP weighs in smoothly.

Though unnoticeable within the superior sound insulation of the cabin, the 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine does idle a tad too loudly when observed from outside the cabin which left us bewildered for a moment thinking we were given the Bluetec variant by mistake.


The latest C-Class departs completely from the last generation it replaces into a class of its own. And with its new standard of quality and luxury materials, it has set a new standard in the executive segment giving both its German rivals a proverbial kick in the butt while laughing hysterically to the bank.

For now it seems, the new C-Class is poised to set the sales charts on fire…

Credits: Story and Photos by Benjamin G. Kline

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