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Mercedes-Benz EQE 300 Electric Art SUV Review: Contemporary Yet Not Too Futuristic

Another Mercedes that will gain popularity on Singapore roads.
Ronald Chua
Ronald Chua
29 Jan 2024
Treat this car as a cruiser and its passengers will be rewarded with a very comfortable ride...
What we like:
Comfort & refinement
Rear wheel steering
Driving range
What we dislike:
Side-step hinders ingress & egress

The Mercedes EQ range is expanding quickly and there is an equivalent electric model to every mainstream Mercedes model. The days of an electric future seems to be fast approaching. The EQE SUV being tested here is the elevated brethren of its saloon sibling which we awarded the winner of the 2023 Luxury EV Sedan category. I tested the EQE 350+ AMG Line last year and was very impressed. Let’s find out if the EQE SUV left a similar impression.

What makes the EQE SUV unique from the sedan?

The EQE SUV is built on the same platform as the EQE sedan (and the EQS limousine) but it offers the practicality of a SUV (duh…) which means more of all of the following – ride height, space and flexibility. It would be the Towkay’s mode of transport for the family (or usually in this case, his wife, the TaiTai).

Interestingly, the EQE SUV is shorter than the sedan (4.86m vs 4.96m) but the boxier and less futuristic shape of the SUV makes it feel much roomier. With the seats folded down, the load compartment offers up to 1,675 litres of space!

What are the design cues of the EQE SUV?

Upfront, the car retains the iconic Mercedes Black Panel that is found on all its EQ models. Like the sedan, the Black Panel is emblazoned with numerous small Mercedes stars – a nice touch in my opinion!

The car is equipped with self-retracting door handles found across the higher-end Mercedes models and it provides a sleek silhouette down the side. The rear of the EQE SUV may raise some eyebrows with its rounded design. What could be described as sleek and futuristic on the sedan may be said to be round and heavy on the SUV. However, I found it acceptable and rather elegant.

The tail lamps are also designed like a 3D helix which along with the light strip, really does look rather impressive when the skies go dark.

What is the EQE SUV like to drive?

In this EQE 300 form, the car comes with a single rear-drive 90.6kWh motor that produces 245 hp. 0 to 100 km/h takes 7.6 seconds and up to a top speed of 210 km/h. The car also comes with a rear wheel steering which makes the rear wheels steer up to a maximum of 10 degrees. City driving and tight U-turns are now a cinch.

With the stance of a SUV, do not be fooled that this car should be taken around tight corners like a hot hatch all the time. It still weighs close to 2.5 tonnes and as it sits higher with its SUV body, there is a natural tendency for the car to roll around corners. I do remember the brakes in the EQE sedan to be easier to modulate though.

Is the EQE SUV comfortable?

Treat this car as a cruiser and its passengers will be rewarded with a very comfortable ride. Passengers will be pampered with lots of legroom and headspace. The interior layout also feels exactly like the sedan with the large MBUX infotainment system that is now a familiar sight across the Mercedes range.

The EQE SUV also come equipped with Mercedes’ Energising Air Control Plus system that integrates a HEPA dust filter to reduce air pollution. Whilst it seems to be a standard feature amongst many new cars in the market, it does provide more assurance to passengers especially when driving through traffic jams or across the Causeway.

One point to note, like the GLC300e that was tested, the side-step that Mercedes installs on their cars may look great aesthetically, but actually makes ingress and egress from the car a challenge.

What is the range of the EQE 300 SUV?

According to Mercedes, the car has a WLTP range of 467 km (min) to 553 km (max). Based on our 3-day test with a mixture of driving styles across 296 km, the car returned an average consumption of 20.6 kWh/100km (18.9 kWh/100km is the official figure) with a range of about 190 km left on the trip computer, making the reported range figures quite accurate.

How long does it take to charge an EQE 300 SUV?

The capacity of the battery is high at 90.6 kWh but charging can be completed from 10% to 80% in 32 minutes with a DC charger. With an AC charger at a household socket, that would take up to 14 hours to get from 10% to 100%.

At S$438,888, the EQE 300 SUV is priced higher than the equivalent EQE 300 sedan at S$393,888. Both are excellent cars but the sedan would be the one I would pick for my personal needs. But there must be a reason as to why car makers are rolling out SUVs to meet market demand, and the EQE 300 SUV is well positioned for that exact reason.


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