Renault Grand Scenic 2.0 Review

Renault Grand Scenic 2.0 Review

OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
26 Mar 2007

Mon Dieu!

Then, I finally got to the job of driving it and discovered that I had been doing it all wrong. Thinking that it would be one of the cars that should spend most of its time towards the left of the road, I drove it like anyone would if they were in a relatively tall and heavy car. It was only after a bit of right-footed curiosity that I realised how much this “MPV” loved bends.

It doesn’t feature the latest or most advanced technology for its chassis and suspension. In fact, it uses a MacPherson type with rectangular lower arm and anti-roll bar at the front and a torsion beam system with coil springs at the rear.

So of course, one would be surprised when it grips without so much as a squeak, while its lack of body roll would send most sedans off behind a bush to hide in embarrassment. After putting it through a bit more challenge, we were pretty much convinced of its handling abilities. It truly is a pleasing car to drive.

More importantly, it’s not just the bends that it takes well. Even the bumps along the road don’t pose much of a problem to its rigid chassis and definitely won’t rattle your interior.

Despite the frame’s stiffness, its damping is more than efficient and absorbs shocks without causing you your lunch.

This car can’t be said to exemplify oomph, but start being a little playful with it and it would probably be just like the French – you’re in for a damn good time!

As much as this Grand Scenic wants to be a seven-seater, it does have limited capabilities. Then again, honestly speaking, how often do you see such vehicles, on the road, being utilized to its max?

This car, then, I think, would best suit the boy-racer-turned-family-man, the man whose wife won’t quite approve of the Golf GTI and wants something “more practical”. But who ever said you can’t have fun if you need to be practical?

Credits: Andy Hum, Photos by Amery Reuben

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