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OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
02 Feb 2016
What we like:
Commanding view from the ride height; powerful engine and quick gearbox
What we dislike:
Isn’t particularly dynamic to drive

Now we’ve already deciphered that the V60 CC is not a real SUV; it was never meant to be.

It was meant to be more of a rugged estate car that can handle the occasional trip to somewhere unpaved if you like picnics with your family. This means that you don’t get all wheel drive like in a proper SUV; rather we have the T5 Drive-E engine that provides 245 bhp and 350 Nm to the front axle only out of about 2000 cc of capacity.

The figures alone are fairly impressive, because these days a turbocharged 2.0l engine can make more power and torque than the equivalent 3.0l of yesteryear and the T5 engine here is no exception. This level of performance gives the V60 CC a rather lively feel when you put your foot even halfway down, because the surge of power comes very quickly after the slight initial turbo lag and the car will dispatch the century sprint in just 6.6 seconds.

As far as body control and ride quality goes, the raised ride height is bound to cause a bit of roll around faster corners but that said overall the chassis feels stiff and body roll is generally well controlled and composure is retained even when driving a little more enthusiastically. The suspension soaks up most bumps in the road like a champion but being on the slightly firmer side of things can be a little comfortable over more substantial disturbances in the tarmac.

Being a Volvo safety is top priority. City Safety is standard, but because the ride is raised a fair bit you might find yourself violently startled when you roll up to a carpark barrier for the first time as the car brakes like there’s no tomorrow thinking you might hit the object in front. Once you get used to approaching a barrier with less speed than you might otherwise do, you’ll rest assured that the car’s got your back even if you’re slightly tired from pulling an all nighter at the office.

In all the V60 CC provides an interesting alternative to several kinds of cars. If you want an extended hatch back but not a full on SUV that’s big and cumbersome; or if you want MPV space for 5 with a lot of luggage room in the rear; or just the stylish estate car that it was meant to be anyway, the V60 CC is worth a serious look at.

Credits: Story and Photos by Alvan Sio

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