OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
17 Mar 2015
What we like:
The retro styling that Porsche still bothers to make new. Intoxicating flat six howl when angered.
What we dislike:
Engine feels overwhelmed by the Targa body at times and can be lethargic at lower revs.

The interior feels best for two while the rear buckets are more suited for inanimate objects than an actual human being. Around the cabin, the dashboard is laid with rich leather and aluminum for a high quality interior. The infotainment system has been improved over older models. It is equipped with a touchscreen that allows easy navigation but still not as intuitive as those from other German rivals.

The Targa like most autos from the Stuttgart factory is still an excellent automobile but set up to be a bit softer than the rest. We're quite irked that Porsche continues to be stubborn about providing keyless entry as standard in a car that costs on the north end of $500,000. Considering that even a basic Japanese sedan features this convenient function these days.

Credits: Story and Photos by Benjamin G. Kline

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