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6 Luxury Used Cars You Can Afford Now in Singapore

Who says you have to be on Forbes list to get a decent set of wheels? Here's six cars we found in our used car classifieds that you can impress your friends with NOW! 
OneShift Editorial Team
OneShift Editorial Team
14 Nov 2014

Let's face it, cars are ridiculously expensive here in our tiny island and for most of us, that BMW, Audi or Mercedes-Benz is beyond the reach of most middle income earners. Basing this list on the annual depreciation* of popular used cars, there is a variety of premium used cars you may buy for more or less the same depreciation per year. These are cars that are significantly cheaper to buy than they look and are cars you perhaps never knew you could afford.

Given that the market average annual depreciation of a 2 year old Volkswagen Jetta is about $10,000 a year, and a 4 year old Mercedes C200 about $15,000 a year, here are our picks of used premium cars that are more affordable than you think. With these cars in the list, you could be driving around in a large executive Jaguar for the overall cost of a used Jetta over a period of 2 years.

Of course, older used luxury cars are more susceptible to maintenance work and repairs due to age and wear and tear, but by buying a well-maintained car and having a reputable and affordable workshop to go to on hand, running costs may be minimised. Sure, it will likely be more costly to run, but as petrolheads, we're confident that the little extra outlay will be worth it. We have found 6 cars that fit the bill nicely, affordable yet expensive-looking. Think we have missed something out? Let us know of your nominations in the comments section!

*Depreciation per year is the amount lost on the vehicle per year, based on the rebate amount received at COE expiry deducted from the purchase price of the vehicle, divided by the number of years left on the COE. [Depreciation per year = (Purchase Price - PARF rebate) ÷ years of COE left]. Body value is not included.

1. Audi A4 (B7)

The Audi A4 B7 was the first A4 to feature Audi’s signature one-piece “singleframe” grille, and as a result they still look remarkably modern and elegant today. B7 A4s are refined and crisp to drive, even with the CVT gearbox. The classy interior is backed up with solid build quality. You can pick an end-2005 2-litre naturally aspirated model up with a depreciation of about $7,000 per annum. There's still plenty to choose from in the market.

2. Audi A8 (D3)

Most Audi A8 D3s were bought by people who wanted to be different – they didn’t want the well-established S-Class nor the 7 Series, but instead chose the Audi for its understated but handsome looks, along with the excellent engineering under the skin. Depreciating for as low as $8,000-$10,000 a year for the 3.2-litre front wheel drive models, representing an excellent value for money, you may want to take the plunge and buy yourself one of the best cars to waft around in, either from the front seats or the back. We found one pristine example in our classified listings.

3. BMW 523i (E60)

The E60 BMW 523i is one of the most common executive cars on the road, and the reasons are obvious – excellent dynamics, well-built interior, comfortable, and most importantly for this list, brilliant image. With a depreciation at about $10,000 to $12,000 a year for 2006 pre-facelift models, the model’s popularity means there are many cars to choose from in the market, making buying a good car that much easier.

4. Jaguar XJ (X350)

Just like the Audi A8 above, the Jaguar XJ is also a left-field choice. The old-school design inside and out may not be to everyone’s tastes, but to those who find it graceful, the car’s a winner. Its great driving dynamics, supple ride, and superbly comfortable interior has won the hearts of many buyers. Depreciation for a 2005 or 2006 XJ6 3.0-litre is at about $8,000 to $10,000 a year, but act fast – good ones in the used markets are always snapped up quickly.

5. Jaguar XK

The Jaguar XK has aged well. 8 years on, the car still looks fresh and sharp, as though it was launched just last week. The XK was one of the cars that had a hand in helping turn Jaguar’s fortunes around, and it’s not hard to see why. Featuring a wondrous 4.2-litre power plant under the hood, the car handles impeccably and is no doubt one of the best grand tourers around. If you haggle hard enough or find a sweetly-priced early model, one of these beautiful elegant cats can be yours with a depreciation of just $12,000 to $14,000 a year. Here's a couple of fine examples we found.

6. Maserati Quattroporte 4.2

No, you have not misread. Yes you may have Maserati Quattroporte for the same yearly depreciation as a used BMW 320i. The early models with the 4.2 lump can be had with depreciation of about $14,000 a year, or even lower. It will not be a fraction as reliable as the Beemer, nor is the gearbox deserving of high praise, but the fantastic V8, the car’s sheer everyday usability, and trident badge on the bonnet, means those who are willing to take the risk would be rewarded from the ownership of such a brilliant automobile. One of these beauties might be worth a chance.


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